Most Powerful Rifle Ever Made

Most Powerful Rifle Ever Made

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Sinclair International Nt-4000 Premium Neck Turning Kit - Sinclair Premium Neck Turning Kit, 25 Cal
Sinclair International Nt-4000 Premium Neck Turning Kit - Sinclair Premium Neck Turning Kit, 25 Cal

Out NT-4000 Premium Neck Turning Tool is the finest, easiest to adjust, and most accurate hand neck turning tool available. It's ergonomic design makes it the most comfortable to turn with as well. Our Premium Neck Turning Tool employs and eccentric mechanism for quick cut depth adjustments which are accurate to .00025 with our carbide mandrels. The audible click cutter adjustment knob is laser engraved and moves the cutter in either direction with a total adjustment range of .004 to .005 inches. The Premium Neck Turning Tool comes with three laser engraved feeler gages which may be used to quickly set the cutter depth to the approximate range of the cut desired. With the cutter in range Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

Mgm Targets Drop Turner
Mgm Targets Drop Turner

500 Brinell steel construction Heavy-duty white finish Simple to use, only 1 moving part 20 pounds for easy transporting 21-inches tall, fully extended Includes manufacturer's warrantyThe MGM Targets Drop Turner, Double Exposure is the best drop turner on the market today. At only 20 pounds it is lightweight enough to transport easily and the total drop is less than 6 inches so it's a challenge to hit the mechanism. The drop turner target has a low profile that lets you start with the target 5 feet at the shoulder. When it has fully dropped, the target will be 4 feet, 6 inches at the shoulder and still at least 9 inches clear from the bottom of the garget t Mfg: Mgm Targets SPECS: 500 Brinell steel construction, White finish, 20 pounds, 21-inches tall, 6-inch drop, Manufacturer's warranty.Check price and Read more Detail At Mgm Targets

Williams Gun Sight Rifle  1/4
Williams Gun Sight Rifle 1/4" Wgos Rear Sight - Rifle Adjustable Fiber Optic 1/4" Wgos Rear Sight Green

U-notch, rear sight sets use the highly accurate, 3-dot pattern with two green, fiber optic dots at the rear for sharp contrast and quick sight acquisition in all light conditions. No drilling or tapping required for most rifle models. Dovetailed front and rear sights may require minor fitting. Rear slide/blade combo fits all standard size, Williams, adjustable, rear guide, open sight bases. Converts traditional, rear iron sights into Fire Sights. Aluminum blade contains a single, U-shaped, green, fiber optic rod for 2-dot accuracy. Use with existing, factory, front sight or with fiber optic, Williams Rifle Sight Bead found elsewhere. Available in three heights. Use with Slide/Ghost Ring. Mfg: Williams Gun Sight SPECS: Aluminum, black anodized. 1⁄4" (6.4mm) high.Check price and Read more Detail At Williams Gun Sight

Brownells Premium 3/4
Brownells Premium 3/4" Delrin Tipped Brass Hammer - Replacement Delrin Tip-3/4"

The Brownells Premium 3/4" Delrin Tipped Brass Hammer is precision manufactured and hand adssembled entirely within the USA. The brass head is hand turned (the ole fashion way, one at a time) from CDA 360 brass rod, extruded in a USA mill, and beautfully hand polished. On one end of this brass hammer is a finely crafted, high quality Delrin Tip that is securely locked into place. This Delrin tip offers the quick availablilty of a softer end when the need arises. A properly seasoned, turned in the USA, hickory handle is then pressed into the finished brass head and securely brass pinned. This hammer is a work of art yet designed to serve the professional Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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