M91 Mosin Nagant Sniper

M91 Mosin Nagant Sniper

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A-Zoom Snap Caps Blue Value Packs - 270 Win Snap Cap Blue 5pk
A-Zoom Snap Caps Blue Value Packs - 270 Win Snap Cap Blue 5pk

A-Zoom Snap Caps Blue Value Packs are perfect for safety training, function testing or safely decocking without damaging the firing pin. And A-Zoom training rounds are much more than conventional snap-caps. They are precision CNC machined from solid aluminum to precise cartridge dimensions, then hard anodized for ultra-smooth functioning and long life. Each round has A-Zoom's remarkably durable Dead Cap proven to withstand over three thousand dry fires while protecting the firing pin. Aluminum construction Precision CNC machined Value pack quantities A-Zoom Snap Caps last over 30 times longer than conventional plastic caps. Mfg: A-ZoomCheck price and Read more Detail At A-Zoom

Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture & Components - Round Pad, Single
Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture & Components - Round Pad, Single

The Foster Scope Mounting Jig fills the exacting requirements of the most particular gunsmith. Will handle virtually all bolt action, lever action and pump guns! You have only to spoil one good gun with a faulty job and you've spent the price of the jig. We have sold a great number of these to gunsmiths during the recent years. The universal comment when we meet scope jig buyers later is "I don't know how I ever did business without it. Would rather almost do without my right arm than lose it now!" The Forster Universal Sight Mounting Fixture was designed to fill the exacting requirements encountered in drilling and tapping holes for the mounting of scope mounts, rece Mfg: Forster SPEC: Approx. 20" (50.8cm) long. Comes complete with Drill and Tap Bushing Set for 6-48. Other bushings sold below.Check price and Read more Detail At Forster

Brownells Ar-15/M16 16
Brownells Ar-15/M16 16" 5.56 Free Float Upper Kit - Ar-15 16" Free Float Upper Kit

Double Star Upper with 16" DS-4 Barrel and 12" Free Float Handguard, ready to be your next build's foundation. DS-4 barrel features a 1-9 twist, M4 feedramps and a matte black, phosphate finish. Barrel is chambered in 5.56x45mm NATO, and does not have chrome lining. Free Float Handguard will ensure you maximize your accuracy. Flat top upper receiver is ready for the attachment of Picatinny accessories and barrel. Carbine gas tube and barrel assembly are ready for your choice of handguard and muzzle device. Muzzle is threaded ½-28, for attachment of included Daniel Defense Flash Hider. Low profile gas block installs onto the barrels .750" OD gas shoulder. Upp Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Fits - Standard AR-15/M16 components.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Magpul Ak-47 1/4
Magpul Ak-47 1/4" Cheek Riser - 1/4" Cheek Riser Black Polymer

Tool-less clip-on cheek risers for the MOE AK and Zhukov-S Stocks. Gives the user the option to raise the cheek weld .25 inches in height. Will not interfere with storage access on MOE Stock or the folding mechanism on the Zhukov-S Stock. Mfg: MagpulCheck price and Read more Detail At Magpul

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