M1 Garand Tacmat Dimensions

M1 Garand Tacmat Dimensions

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Tandemkross Titan Extended Magazine Release For The Sw22 Victory -
Tandemkross Titan Extended Magazine Release For The Sw22 Victory - "titan" Extended Magazine Release Sw22 Victory Black

At a glance: Taller, wider magazine release button - great for juniors or shooters with smaller hands Unique paddle design is positionable by the user for a custom fit Textured button offers no-slip grip in any condition; available in black or silver The SW22 Victory is a popular rimfire pistol for Rimfire Challenge, Steel Challenge and other shooting sports competitions, and is great for beginner and junior shooters. But for young shooters, or other shooters with smaller hands, reaching the magazine release button while shooting can be a challenge. Even shooters with larger hands often struggle to easily and consistently release the magazine when add Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

Griffin Armament Mk1 Patrol 14.5
Griffin Armament Mk1 Patrol 14.5" Upper Receiver 5.56mm Black - Mk1 Patrol 14.5 Upper Receiver 5.56mm Black

Griffin Armament's MK1 Upper offers premium features and reliability to each user and allows end users to configure their upper to fit their needs. Standard and available features: The Griffin HEDP Barrels provide High Endurance Dual Purpose functionality- offering high durability and precision accuracy. Nitrided 416R stainless steel provides the highest possible hardness and longest throat life available with match grade bore dimensions and bore finish. HEDP barrel bores are hand lapped, ensuring batch to batch consistency and accuracy. TRUE-BORE concentric suppressor grade threads provide an optimized thread interface for your silencer regardless of brand or model. M4 feed ramps a Mfg: Griffin ArmamentCheck price and Read more Detail At Griffin Armament

American Rifle Company M10 Scope Rings - 35mm X-High (1.42
American Rifle Company M10 Scope Rings - 35mm X-High (1.42") M10 Scope Rings

Having a pair of scope rings that can handle the heaviest-recoiling rifle in your collection without marring or indenting that optic of yours can be a tough set to find. However, the American Rifle Company M10 Scope Rings are designed to do just that, thanks to a split-ring design that ensures reticle alignment while securing your optic without any damage. Each set of ARC M10 Scope Rings are constructed with a crowned-rail interface, that ensures each ring correctly engages the optics rail upon which it sits, even if those rails are slightly out of spec. The result is that these rings will return to zero better than other options on the market. This pair of ARC M10 Scope Rings a Mfg: American Rifle CompanyCheck price and Read more Detail At American Rifle Company

Brownells "special Line" Brass Core Bore Brush - .375 Rifle, Per 3

If you or your customer has one of those guns that drives tacks or knocks down birds every time, the slight extra cost of our Special Line brushes is well worth it to eliminate any chance of the cleaning brush's shank putting a scratch in that all-important barrel. The Brass shank is one-piece, looped and wound, (not two, twisted together and chopped off). The coupling is no-scratch Brass. The bristles are the best, phosphor, bronze scrubbing wire for long life and thorough cleaning. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Bristles: Phosphor bronze. Shank: Brass, looped and wound. Rifle: 3" (8.3cm) OAL except .17 cal., which is 2" (5.1cm) OAL, .17 and .20 cal. 5-40 threads, all other 8-32 thread. Pistol/Revolver: 2-1/8" (5.4cm) OAL, .17 cal. 5-40 thread, all others 8-32 thread. Shotgun: 2-7/8" (7.3cm) OAL, 5/1Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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