List Of Handgun Calibers In Order

List Of Handgun Calibers In Order

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Vz Grips 1911
Vz Grips 1911 "gator-Back" Grips - Government Grips, Slim, Blast Black Canvas

Durable Micarta panels provide a custom look to your 1911. Available in three Micarta types: Canvas, thickest of the three with canvas threads in the milled finish for additional grip texture. All resist temperature changes and have length-wise ridges that resemble alligator back hide for a distinct look and a comfortable, non-slip grip. Models available for Government standard, slim. Mfg: Vz Grips SPECS: Standard is approximately .25" (6.3mm) thick, Slim is approximately .175" (4mm) thick.Check price and Read more Detail At Vz Grips

National Target 1
National Target 1" Square Pasters - 1" Sq. Buff Pasters, Per Roll

There's no need to quit shooting once your targets are all "shot-up." 1" square target pasters come with extra-strong adhesive to hold them securely to your targets for fast and easy repairs. Available in rolls of 1000, with four colors to choose from: black, white, buff, and brown. Mfg: National Target SPECS: 1000 per roll. 1" (25mm) square.Check price and Read more Detail At National Target

Brownells Shotgun Sight Bead Kit
Brownells Shotgun Sight Bead Kit "c" With Shoulders - No. 12 Refill Sight, Single Pak

Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit "C" is a must have for any gunsmith or sporting goods store looking to save valuable time and really please their customers. We have taken everything that's great about our Shotgun Sight Kits "A" and "B" - like their unparalleled selection of high-quality and size-popular sight beads - and added a special feature to make the beads in Kit "C" fast, easy, and convenient to install . . . every time. Every sight bead in Shotgun Sight Kit "C" has the advantage of skirted shoulders. What this means to you, the professional gunsmith or the sporting goods store owner, is you'll never have to g Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Brass and Stainless Steel Beads in 3½" (8.9cm) x 7" (17.9cm) clear plastic box.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Inline Fabrication Press Lever Upgrades - Dillon 550 Ergo Lever
Inline Fabrication Press Lever Upgrades - Dillon 550 Ergo Lever

Tired of dropping your shoulder of leaning over to get the full down stroke on your press? Factory knobe and lever uncomfortable or awkward to use? These press lever upgrades from #33I Inline Fabrication should solve your problems. All hand include a roller bearing handle. Levers are lathe cut and threaded, machine formed, tempered, then acid etched primer is applied, then black enamel coated for long lasting wear restistance. Ergo levers are ergonomically designed to make the press stoke more comforatable and enjoyable, especially on lengthy reloading sessions. Standard levers are designed for the person that likes the factory height lever, it is identical to the factory height with the Mfg: Inline FabricationCheck price and Read more Detail At Inline Fabrication

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