Lee Precision Reloading Kit

Lee Precision Reloading Kit

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Crossbreed Holsters Dropslide Holsters - Ruger Lc9, Lc380 Dropslide Holster Rh Black
Crossbreed Holsters Dropslide Holsters - Ruger Lc9, Lc380 Dropslide Holster Rh Black

The OWB DropSlide by CrossBreed combines the best qualities found in the original Snapslide and the popular SuperSlide. The DropSlide features 1 ¾" belt slots that work well with 1 ¼" and 1 ½" belts and is designed to keep your firearm tight against your body. The leather backer has been reconfigured to accommodate a different position of the pocket allowing for a lower riding holster. The specially designed cut of the leather backer allows for a full grip on the firearm when drawing and extended leather on the bottom side to keep most longer barrel firearms from rubbing against your clothes and body. CZ75, 75 Compact, DropSlide Holster RH Mfg: Crossbreed HolstersCheck price and Read more Detail At Crossbreed Holsters

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Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip bullets perform exactly like the Nosler Ballistic Tip hunting or varmint bullets but with the added benefit of an advanced Lubalox coating. Lubalox is a micro-thin coating that helps reduce fouling for easier cleaning and minimizes pressure and friction between the bullet and the bore for improved accuracy and increased barrel life. Polymer tip won't deform under recoil while in the magazine and initiates positive expansion on impact with small and medium game. Varmint bullets feature an ultra-thin jacket mouth for instant expansion upon impact. Hunting bullets have a fully-tapered jacket with a thicker base to allow controlled expansion Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

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Remington 11-87/Versamax Magazine Spring, 19-3/4"

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