Lee Master Reloading Kit

Lee Master Reloading Kit

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L.E. Wilson Rifle Case Holders - 6mm Br Family Fired Case Holder
L.E. Wilson Rifle Case Holders - 6mm Br Family Fired Case Holder

The L.E. Wilson Rifle Case Holder holds the case for trimming, primer pocket reaming, neck reaming and deburring. The L.E. Wilson Trimmer Case Holder provides the ultimate accuracy and uniformity for trimming your cases. The unique design of the case holder supports the case body, much like a chamber of a firearm. The Case Holders are precisely manufactured for consistent results and repeatability. The FIRED Case Holders are for Neck Sized Cases. NEW Case Holders work with new, unfired brass or cases that have been full length sized. If a type isn't specified the holder will fit both Fired, New, Neck or Full Length sized cases. Mfg: L.E. Wilson, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At L.E. Wilson, Inc.

Pachmayr "gripper" Handgun Grips - Model Cha-G Charter Arms Bulldog

The combination you've been looking for. Positive, no-slip grip provided by Pachmayr's famous grip material, plus . . . the excellent accuracy advantage of contoured finger grooves for consistent hand placement. Won't chip, crack or break. Mfg: Pachmayr SPECS: Molded, black, neoprene rubber.Check price and Read more Detail At Pachmayr

White Oak Armament Ar-15/M16 223 Wylde Match Barrels - 16
White Oak Armament Ar-15/M16 223 Wylde Match Barrels - 16" Mid-Length Carbine Barrel

Precision-machined stainless steel barrels feature a .223 Wylde chamber that helps maximize the long-range performance of your AR-15 with both .223 Remington and 5.56x45mm NATO ammunition. With 6-groove, 1-7" button rifling for accuracy and M4-type feed ramps for reliable feeding, these barrels help you reach out to distant targets with issued or magazine-length ammunition. The 18" barrels offer the Special Purpose Rifle (SPR) profile designed to optimize accuracy out to 600 meters, and are available with Mid-Length or Rifle-Length gas systems. SDM barrel features a heavy, fluted profile under the handguards, for added strength and rigidity. Threaded muzzle accepts a varie Mfg: White Oak Armament SPECS: Stainless steel, natural finish. .750" (1.9cm) O.D. at gas port. Barrel extension .999" (2.5cm) O.D. 6-groove, 1-7" rifling. Muzzle threads: ½"-28 tpi. 16" Carbine - 2 lbs. 2oz. (963g). 18" Mid-Length/Rifle - 2 lbs. 9oz. (1.1kg).SDMCheck price and Read more Detail At White Oak Armament

Possum Hollow Service Rifle Solvent Port
Possum Hollow Service Rifle Solvent Port

Allows you to apply solvent to a patch or brush without contaminating the action, or your fingers. Tray collects loosened fouling and prevents it from falling into the action. Rubber O-ring seals-off the chamber area to prevent leakage and keeps port securely in place. Mfg: Possum Hollow SPECS: Delrin, white. 3" (7.6cm) long x ¾" (1.9cm) diameter. Fits M1 Garand, M1A and M14.Check price and Read more Detail At Possum Hollow

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