Leupold Vx 3i 4 5 14x50mm Silver

Leupold Vx 3i 4 5 14x50mm Silver

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Norma 8mm (0.323
Norma 8mm (0.323") Vulcan Protected Point Bullets - 8mm (0.323") 196gr Vulkan Protected Point 100/Box

The Norma Vulkan is a traditional jacketed lead core bullet with a few modern tweaks to make a good thing better. Norma has taken the traditional design and made the jacket thinner around the nose to make it expand faster and more reliably, then folded that jacket over the nose a little to prevent damage in the magazine during recoil. The result is the Vulkan Protected Point Bullet: A true classic round for the all-around hunter, perfect for game like red and mule deer, and mean-as-hell wild boar. 8mm (0.323") bullet diameter Bullet style: Protected point Bullet weight 196 grains 100 bullets per box It isn't as pretty as other th Mfg: NormaCheck price and Read more Detail At Norma

Brownells Black Flux
Brownells Black Flux

High-quality paste flux has a working range of 1,100º1800º F, perfect for high-temperature silver solder applications. Specifically designed for use with Silvaloy 355 silver solder, Black Flux works particularly well on stainless steel and other refractory metals. Not for use on aluminum, magnesium, or Titanium. Paste formula is easy to apply exactly where you need it; cleans up with hot water. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Meets Fed. Spec 0-F-499 Type B, AMS 3411, AWS FB3-C. ISO 9002 certified.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Sinclair International Carbide Neck Turning Mandrels - 25 Caliber (.255
Sinclair International Carbide Neck Turning Mandrels - 25 Caliber (.255") Carbide Neck Turning Mandrel

Sinclair stainless steel neck turning mandrels for 17 through 50 caliber cartridges are turned from high grade stainless steel on precision turning centers. Turning mandrels are sized .002" under bullet diameter. The shape and surface of all of our mandrels is the result of years of experimenting by many expert handloaders. Our Carbide turning mandrels are precision ground from solid carbide stock, which yields even closer tolerances. All Carbide mandrels are ground to .002" under bullet diameter. Adjustments on our NT-4000 turning tool will be more consistent with carbide mandrels due to the tighter tolerances of the mandrels. Large caliber (35 to 50 caliber) mandrels fit only Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

Nosler Ballistic Silvertip 338 Caliber (0.338
Nosler Ballistic Silvertip 338 Caliber (0.338") Ballistic Ts Bullets - 338 Caliber (0.338") 200gr Spitzer 50/Box

Combined Technology Ballistic Silvertip bullets perform exactly like the Nosler Ballistic Tip hunting or varmint bullets but with the added benefit of an advanced Lubalox coating. Lubalox is a micro-thin coating that helps reduce fouling for easier cleaning and minimizes pressure and friction between the bullet and the bore for improved accuracy and increased barrel life. Polymer tip won't deform under recoil while in the magazine and initiates positive expansion on impact with small and medium game. Varmint bullets feature an ultra-thin jacket mouth for instant expansion upon impact. Hunting bullets have a fully-tapered jacket with a thicker base to allow controlled expansion Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

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