Leupold Scopes Mailing Address

Leupold Scopes Mailing Address

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Lyman Rifle 3-Die Sets - 45-70 Government Rifle 3-Die Sets
Lyman Rifle 3-Die Sets - 45-70 Government Rifle 3-Die Sets

Lyman Precision Rifle Dies offer unparalleled precision, smoothness and versatility. Each steel die is CNC machined to precise dimensions and consistent tolerances from lot-to-lot. Sizing dies are vented, polished, heat treated for hardness and then polished again to a micro-finish for extra smoothness. Available in 2-die and 3-die sets. Lyman 2-die sets include a seating die with optional roll crimp and full length sizing die with decapping stem and neck expanding button. Lyman 3-die sets are for straight wall cases and easily load both cast and jacketed bullets. Includes a full length resizing die with decapping stem, a two-step neck expanding die and a bullet seating die. The two-step nec Mfg: LymanCheck price and Read more Detail At Lyman

Sns Cast Bullets S&S Cast Pistol Bullets - 38 Cal (.358
Sns Cast Bullets S&S Cast Pistol Bullets - 38 Cal (.358") 158gr Rn Lead Bullets 500/Box

Founded by competitive shooters, SNS casts their bullets with using a high-quality 92% lead/6% antimony/2% tin alloy and lubes them with Magma Blue lube. The result is extremely consistent bullets that give you the accuracy you want - at economical prices. Available for both pistol and rifle calibers. Mfg: Sns Cast Bullets 18 Brinnell hardnessCheck price and Read more Detail At Sns Cast Bullets

Starline, Inc 45-100 Sharps (2.6
Starline, Inc 45-100 Sharps (2.6") Brass - 45-100 Sharps (2.6 ) Brass 100/Bag

This is a .45-70 based case that is 2.6 inches long and is suitable for smokeless or black powder loads. When loading with black powder, annealing of mouth may be necessary to allow case to properly seal chamber due to lower pressures generated by these loads. Starline is a family owned business and prides itself on producing the highest quality brass case available. With a production process focused on quality not quantity, Starline makes the finest brass and has for more than 40 years out of their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Sedalia, MO. Mfg: Starline, IncCheck price and Read more Detail At Starline, Inc

Brownells Wheel Prep - Wheel Prep
Brownells Wheel Prep - Wheel Prep

Saves you time and saves your polish. Puts the polish on the wheel and not on the walls or floor. No more fiddling or fooling,with hard to load polishing wheels. Greaseless polishes almost jump on your wheel after a single application of this incredible product. Brownells Wheel Prep™ is a dark-blue, sizing compound that's applied after the wheel is trued, but before you apply your greaseless polish. It instantly conditions and prepares the wheel to accept the maximum amount of polish in a single loading. Works on all types of wheels, for greaseless polishes ONLY. Not for use with Brownells 555 or other grease/tallow based polishes. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Cardboard tube, approximately 1½ (.68kg) wt.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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