Leupold Friction Adjustments

Leupold Friction Adjustments

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Magpul Ar-15/M16 Tactical Recoil Pads - Enhanced Recoil Pad
Magpul Ar-15/M16 Tactical Recoil Pads - Enhanced Recoil Pad

Replacement recoil pads give you enhanced shoulder purchase and recoil control with your Magpul CTR, MOE, UBR, or ACS stock. Non-slip rubber surface holds firmly to your clothing when it counts in tactical operations or competition for improved target acquisition and reduced felt recoil. Extended is the original factory pad for Commercial CTR and MOE stocks. May also be mounted on ACS, UBR, and Mil-Spec CTR/MOE stocks to increase length of pull by ¼". Enhanced model's thicker, vented, shock-absorbing construction helps reduce felt recoil for better weapon control and faster follow-up shots. Fits ACS, UBR, and Mil-Spec CTR/MOE. Will also fit CTR/ Mfg: Magpul SPECS: Rubber exterior over hard molded polymer core, black.Extended .55" thick (14mm); Enhanced .70" (17mm) thick.Check price and Read more Detail At Magpul

Spuhr Interface Mount - 30mm 1.35
Spuhr Interface Mount - 30mm 1.35" 0 Moa Interface Mount

Spuhr developed its new Hunting Mount to give hunters a cleaner, lighter line of mounting options that improve on the company's ISMS series of optics mounts. When it comes to ensuring that you can take your next animal effectively with that first shot, having a mount that solidly ties your optic with your rifle is critical. Each Spuhr Hunting Mount is built for use on standard Picatinny rails and includes a single classic ring alongside the company's interface ring. The interface ring can be oriented to allow users to set up an interface/accessory mount in several positions. This particular mount allows for rotation to the 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock positions. Mfg: SpuhrCheck price and Read more Detail At Spuhr

Lyman Turbo Case Cleaning Media - Treated Corncob 15lbs Value Pack
Lyman Turbo Case Cleaning Media - Treated Corncob 15lbs Value Pack

Lyman Case Cleaning Media is the most effective choice for cleaning dirty and tarnished cases. A few hours in a Lyman Turbo Tumbler and cases are clean, polished, and ready for reloading. Available in Specially Treated Corncob or Rouge Bearing Nutshell. Mfg: LymanCheck price and Read more Detail At Lyman

Brownells 45° Chamfer Cutters - 45°, 1/2
Brownells 45° Chamfer Cutters - 45°, 1/2" Chamfering Cutter Only

A damaged or poorly-cut muzzle can really hurt accuracy; sharp edges on revolver cylinder chamber mouths can cause rounds to hang up going into the cylinder - a real problem when using speedloaders. Cure both problems with this cutter. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Cutter - 3-1/4" (8.25cm) long (except .17 caliber cutter - 2-3/8" (6cm) long). 1/2" (12.7mm) or 5/8" (15.8mm) diameter.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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