Le Wilson Wilson Decapping Base Decapping Base Only 506

Le Wilson Wilson Decapping Base Decapping Base Only 506

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Wilson Combat Recoil Spring 5
Wilson Combat Recoil Spring 5" Full Size - Recoil Spring-5" Full-Size-18 1/2 Lb

Recommended Use: Full-Size 5" .45 ACP shooting 185 gr. / 200 gr. standard pressure target or JHP self-defense ammunition with a power factor of 145,000 to 170,000 (Velocity x Bullet Weight = Power Factor) / Average Service Life: 3,000 Rounds / Wilson Combat Heavy-Duty Recoil Springs are made combat tough to repeatedly take a pounding yet show remarkably consistent performance every time a round is fired. / Keeping a fresh recoil spring in your pistol will dramatically reduce the pounding your slide and frame receive. Mfg: Wilson CombatCheck price and Read more Detail At Wilson Combat

Protektor Deluxe Rear Bags - Protektor Rear Bag Medium Leather
Protektor Deluxe Rear Bags - Protektor Rear Bag Medium Leather

These custom rear bags from Protektor have a bottom comprised of 3-layers of stiff leather with an integral doughnut that eliminates any rocking movement. The sidewalls have stiffer leather than most bags, which prevents rounding of the bag over time. Bunny Ear models have v-style ears and are a great choice for those with cheek pieces or thinner rear stock profiles. Mid-Ear models have ears slightly taller than bunny ears to provide additional support and have two rows of stitching between the ears to create the proper spacing for larger stocks. The two styles of ears are available in either high quality leather or in fine-grade Cordura. The Cordura material is an excellent choice for t Mfg: ProtektorCheck price and Read more Detail At Protektor

Brownells E-Clip Kit - .312
Brownells E-Clip Kit - .312"(7.9mm)od, .125"(3.2mm)id, Fits .127"(3.2mm) Shaft Dia.

So important to have on hand, E-Clips are used to hold pins and parts in place in many modern long guns and some handguns, too. With this E-Clip Kit on hand you can return a gun to service quickly; not waiting for a factory order, and not paying high factory prices - as much as $1 each! All the sizes needed to service popular Remingtons, Marlins, Mossbergs, Savages and Winchesters (plus many more). Vital in your shop as these little buggers get lost as easily as springs and detent balls. Detailed gun parts list cross-reference chart too, worked out by our tech staff with assistance and suggestions from Gary Thiry, Sacramento, California. The E-Clip Kit has 20 each of 8 Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 160 clips total. Refills sold 20 per pak.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Stuck Case Remover
Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Stuck Case Remover

With Frankford Arsenal's Platinum Series Stuck Case Remover there is no need to disassemble your press or break out your other tools. Simply insert the Stuck Case Remover device into the shell holder, clamp down on the case and activate the press lever to quickly and efficiently separate the case from the die. Once the case is free, remove the tool and continue to reload. Provides optimal leverage with the use of a reloading press Case removal with no extra tools required No need to remove or adjust the sizing die Adjustable clamp works on .17 Rem.-.338 Lapua cartridge sizes Remover uses shell holder to secure to press Mfg: Frankford ArsenalCheck price and Read more Detail At Frankford Arsenal

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