Locknload Ap Hornady Manufacturing Inc

Locknload Ap Hornady Manufacturing Inc

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S&K Insta-Mount Scope Bases - Lee Enfield 4&5 (Weaver)
S&K Insta-Mount Scope Bases - Lee Enfield 4&5 (Weaver)

The BEST WAY to mount a scope on your ex-military rifle. WHY? No major alteration to your valuable firearm No drilling or tapping of the ultra hard receiver Do the work yourself Handsome ruggedness Guaranteed to hold zero Unmatched versatility Can be removed and/or reinstalled easily S&K Insta-Mounts are available in both S&K style (which include 1" Low Matte Rings) and Weaver rings style (Rings not included, base only). Mfg: S&KCheck price and Read more Detail At S&K

Dewey "parker Hale" Style Jags - Male, 22-Ph Fits .22-24 Caliber

Cut slightly smaller so a full size patch can be wrapped around the jag. Exposes more patch area to the bore to give quicker, more uniform cleaning. Serrated teeth are fully covered and grip the patch to hold it when scrubbing in both directions. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Machined brass. PH Style. Standard PH fit Dewey Stainless Steel Rods (and other makes) with 8-32 female threads; C-PH Style are female threaded, and fit Dewey Coated Rods ONLY. 27 C-PH and larger C-PH rods have 12-28 female threads.Check price and Read more Detail At Dewey

Troy Industries Ar-15  Flip-Up Front Sight - 1.34
Troy Industries Ar-15 Flip-Up Front Sight - 1.34" Flip-Up Front Sight Aluminum Black

Rugged, flip-up sights provide failsafe backup when your primary optic or red dot sight fails. Sight body flips up easily when you need it and locks securely in place under powerful spring pressure and two locking detent balls, so it can't be accidentally bumped down until you hit the spring-loaded button on the left side of the base to retract it. Positions apertures at the same height as factory sights, simplifying integration of these sights on your rifle. Base clamps securely to any military or commercial Picatinny rail using a standard flathead screwdriver. No protruding knobs or levers to catch on brush, clothing, or other equipment. Sturdy, protective "ears" shiel Mfg: Troy Industries, Inc. SPECS: Stainless steel and aluminum, Black or Dark Earth finish.Check price and Read more Detail At Troy Industries, Inc.

Criterion Barrels Inc Ar-15/M16 223 Wylde Chrome Lined Barrels - 20
Criterion Barrels Inc Ar-15/M16 223 Wylde Chrome Lined Barrels - 20" Hbar Contour, Rifle Gas System, 223 Wylde

Chrome-lined, button rifled barrels feature 223 Wylde chambers and 1-8" twist for enhanced accuracy potential with both .223 and 5.56 NATO ammunition. Unique chrome-lining process maintains uniformity throughout the bore and hand-lapping helps ensure smooth, consistent lands and grooves. Gas ports are optimized for barrel length and chambering to help ensure reliable cycling, and are available for carbine, mid-length, and rifle gas systems. Also features 1/2"-28 tpi muzzle threads for standard comps and flash hiders, plus M4 feed ramps on barrel extension to aid in smooth, reliable feeding. Barrels now feature a dimple opposite the gas port, so screw-on gas blocks do not shift d Mfg: Criterion Barrels Inc SPECS: Length 16, 18, or 20 inch. Profile Hybrid or HBAR (18" & 20" only). Gas system Carbine or Mid-Length (16"). Rifle (18" & 20"). Chamber - 223 Wylde. Finish - Parkerized. Chrome lined. Construction - 4150 Chrome Moly Steel. Hand LCheck price and Read more Detail At Criterion Barrels Inc

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