Low Cost 9mm Handguns

Low Cost 9mm Handguns

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Precision Reflex Ar-15  Flip-Up Rail Mount Front Sight - 1.3
Precision Reflex Ar-15 Flip-Up Rail Mount Front Sight - 1.3" Flip-Up Rail Mount Front Sight Steel Black

Flip up sights deploy instantly to keep you operational if the primary sight system on your flattop AR-15 fails or loses effectiveness in low light conditions. Push-button controlled, positive locking, ball-detent system snaps sights firmly into position when you need them and locks them down when you don't. Folded sights allow a completely unobstructed view through optics and won't snag on brush, clothing, or gear. Large, spring-loaded button is easy to find and operate, even under stressful conditions. Protective hood over front sight posts and ears around rear sight aperture guard against damage during rough handling. Rugged, machined steel and aluminum construction will st Mfg: Precision Reflex, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Precision Reflex, Inc.

Birchwood Casey Paste Blue
Birchwood Casey Paste Blue

Concentrated for deeper color, longer wear. For reblue or touch-up. Won't dry out. Mfg: Birchwood Casey SPECS: 2 fl. oz. (59 ml) net contents.Check price and Read more Detail At Birchwood Casey

Spuhr Isms Picatinny Mounts - 34mm 10.3 Moa 1.18
Spuhr Isms Picatinny Mounts - 34mm 10.3 Moa 1.18" Isms Scope Mount

The ISMS (Ideal Scope Mount System) is an extremely sturdy scope mount, with the possibility to attach multiple optical accessories directly to the mount. Built-in scope level and 45-degree split of the rings provides unobstructed view of your optics knobs. The durable design of the mounts prevents damage to the scope due to flexing during heavy recoil. The rings are grooved on the inside for better grip and the mount base is milled from a sinlge billet of aluminum. Mounts include an innovative tool to index your scope properly to the mount and gun. Mounts have a minimum of 7 interfaces for accessories to be mounted. The rings are cut at a 45 degree angle instead of horizontally, prov Mfg: SpuhrCheck price and Read more Detail At Spuhr

Tangodown Armorer's Blocks - Scar Armorer's Block Set
Tangodown Armorer's Blocks - Scar Armorer's Block Set

High-density polymer blocks allow critical subassemblies of the SOF Command Assault Rifle (SCAR) to be tightly clamped in a vise without danger of crushing, twisting, or otherwise distorting them. Provides secure support for safe, effective cleaning, adjustment, maintenance, and repair without marring or scratching the finish. Available as a complete set or separate components. Upper Receiver/Barrel Block surrounds the front sight/gas block to securely hold the barrel module while also protecting the exposed portion of the gas system leaving your upper free to be worked on. Lower Receiver/Trigger Module Block locks into the magazine well and absorbs all the clamping force to protect the S Mfg: Tangodown SPECS: High-density, injection-molded polymer.Check price and Read more Detail At Tangodown

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