L115 Sniper Rifle Caliber

L115 Sniper Rifle Caliber

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Nightforce Ultralight Rings - 34mm Extreme 1.5
Nightforce Ultralight Rings - 34mm Extreme 1.5" 4 Screw Ultralight Rings

Designed to fit Mil-Std. 1913 scope bases, Nightforce rings are precisely manufactured to match the machined recess of a Nightforce Mil-Std. 1913 base, providing perfect alignment and accuracy. Nightforce rings are designed and produced in-house to exacting specifications entirely out of steel or from 7075-T6 aluminum with beta series titanium crossbolts and jaws. All Nightforce rings are 100% micro-radiused and honed in pairs for perfect fit of 30mm scope tubes to prevent the possibility of the rings damaging your scope. Mfg: Nightforce Ring heights are measured from the top of the base to the center of the ring.Check price and Read more Detail At Nightforce

Brownells Muslin Wheels - 8
Brownells Muslin Wheels - 8" Stitched Muslin Wheel 1" Arbor

Spiral Stitched - used primarily for first cleaning operation on the gun with No. 140 Polish-O-Ray to knock off old blue, dirt and rust and bring the metal to a bright finish. Also used by some operators instead of Soft Felt wheels - being of a more flexible nature, great care must be exercised to not round edges, or funnel and elongate screw and pin holes.Loose Muslin - used following each change of grit to smooth out grit marks and prepare the surface for the next finer grit. Also used to finish off the gun just prior to bluing.Note: - Use enough sections to make each wheel as wide as your polishing motor will handle - a minimum of three sections to each wheel. Never Mfg: Brownells SPECS:Stitched wheels have 3/8" (.5mm) face. Loose wheels are 20 ply. Arbor: 1/2" (12.7mm), 5/8" (15.9mm), 3/4" 919mm), 7/8" (22.2mm), 1" (22.5cm). Wheel Diameter: 6" (15.2cm), 8" (20.3cm), 10" (25.4mm).Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Muddy River Tactical Tuckable Inside The Waistband Water Buffalo Holsters - Beretta Nano Tuckable Leather Iwb Holster
Muddy River Tactical Tuckable Inside The Waistband Water Buffalo Holsters - Beretta Nano Tuckable Leather Iwb Holster

Muddy River Tactical has released their Tuckable Inside the Waistband Leather Holster! The high quality Water Buffalo leather is not only extremely durable, but soft! They also feature a sweat shield to protect your body from the firearm. These holsters have a soft suede like feel on the outside which makes them a pleasure to carry. Made of high quality 10-11oz Water Buffalo Leather Metal Belt clip riveted in and having a support piece stitched in Cant angle is fully adjustable due to the single point attach belt clip (up to 1.75" belts) Muddy River Tactical starts the molding process on these holsters then allows you to finish it. This allows Mfg: Muddy River TacticalCheck price and Read more Detail At Muddy River Tactical

Redding Neck Sizing Dies - Neck Sizing Die 7mm Tcu
Redding Neck Sizing Dies - Neck Sizing Die 7mm Tcu

The Redding Neck Sizing Dies size only the necks of your bottleneck cases to prolong brass like and improve accuracy. It is important that fired cases should never be interchanged between rifles since the neck sizing dies do not size the shoulder or body. Ideal for cartridges used in Bolt Action rifles. All dies are made using the finest alloy steels obtainable and machined on Hardinge Super-Precision lathes capable of holding the tightest tolerances in the industry. Heat treated in atmospherically controlled furnaces and hand polished for smooth, flawless functioning, these dies will maintain tolerances and last a lifetime. Inspected and ultrasonically cleaned before packaging. Mfg: ReddingCheck price and Read more Detail At Redding

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