Jp Enterprises Divisionmogul Com

Jp Enterprises Divisionmogul Com

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Brownells Heavy-Duty Patches - Hd 2-1/2
Brownells Heavy-Duty Patches - Hd 2-1/2" .35 Cal. Rifle/20 Ga.

No more doubling up on patches when you tackle those really dirty bores. Made from a double-thick, soft-napped, 100% cotton, Canton flannel to hold more solvent and absorb more fouling without using twice as many patches. Same size selection, shipping weight and premium quality as our standard Bulk Cleaning Patches. Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Leupold Standard Rings - 1
Leupold Standard Rings - 1" Low Matte Standard Rings

Classic steel, holds scope tightly. Fits Leupold STD, one- and two-piece bases, plus bases from Burris, Millett and Redfield. Mfg: Leupold SPECS: Steel 1" (2.5cm), 26mm (1.02") or 30mm (1.18") I.D. Gloss, polished blue. Matte, matte blue. Silver, satin nickel. Height measurements are from top of base to center of ring: 1", 26mm and 30mm: Super Low, .550" (13.9mm). Low, .650" (16.5mm). Medium, .770" (19.55mm). High, .900" (22.Check price and Read more Detail At Leupold

Sns Cast Bullets S&S Cast Pistol Bullets - 45 Cal (.452
Sns Cast Bullets S&S Cast Pistol Bullets - 45 Cal (.452") 200gr Swc Lead Bullets 500/Box

Founded by competitive shooters, SNS casts their bullets with using a high-quality 92% lead/6% antimony/2% tin alloy and lubes them with Magma Blue lube. The result is extremely consistent bullets that give you the accuracy you want - at economical prices. Available for both pistol and rifle calibers. Mfg: Sns Cast Bullets 18 Brinnell hardnessCheck price and Read more Detail At Sns Cast Bullets

Dewey Brass Loops - 17l Fits .17 Caliber
Dewey Brass Loops - 17l Fits .17 Caliber

Fit Dewey Stainless, Rig, and Hoppe's rods. Require adapters when used with Dewey Coated Rods. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Brass, male thread; 5-40 for .17 and .20 cal., 8-32 male above .20 cal. L = Loop. 2245L ,universal for all cal.Check price and Read more Detail At Dewey

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