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Lapua 243 Winchester Brass Case - 243 Winchester Brass 100/Box
Lapua 243 Winchester Brass Case - 243 Winchester Brass 100/Box

Many shooters have found Lapua brass to be considerably superior in quality to most other brass available. All Lapua cases are strong and uniformly precise. Lapua cases are manufactured to be reloaded, again and again, dozens of times. The base section is hard and strong, and the dimensions remain constant and will hold primers tight in the primer pocket even after repeated reloading. The brass body section is hard and firm. It is easy to extract after firing, whether full length sizing or only neck sizing. Strict tolerances in concentricity and wall thickness are used in manufacturing. The neck and shoulder are annealed to withstand repeated reloading. Packaged in a plastic case, 100 cas Mfg: LapuaCheck price and Read more Detail At Lapua

Hornady Spire Point 22 Caliber(0.224
Hornady Spire Point 22 Caliber(0.224") Super Explosive Spire Point Bullet - 22 Caliber (0.224") 55gr Sx Spire Point 100/Box

These streamlined Soft Point bullets allow for ultra flat trajectories. Match grade jacket design provides maximum accuracy at all ranges. Explosive espansion, even at low velocities. Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Berrys Manufacturing 50 Caliber (0.510
Berrys Manufacturing 50 Caliber (0.510" ) 250gr Tipped Muzzleloader Bullets - 50 Caliber (0.510" ) 250gr Tipped Spitzer 25/Box

Berry's Blue Diamond Muzzleloader bullets take accuracy to a whole new level. Berry's proprietary sabot ensures easy loading and a tight seat, providing match grade consistency shot after shot. The polycarbonate tips create excellent expansion without sacrificing weight retention. Whether it's the high slopes of the Rocky Mountains for elk or the prairies of Kansas for whitetail deer, Berry's Blue Diamond Muzzleloader bullets deliver the success that the modern black powder hunter expects. 250gr Ballistic Coefficient: .262 Mfg: Berrys ManufacturingCheck price and Read more Detail At Berrys Manufacturing

Cmmg Ar-15 Lower Parts Kit - Lower Parts Kit Ar-15
Cmmg Ar-15 Lower Parts Kit - Lower Parts Kit Ar-15

Complete kit contains every internal part needed to complete or rebuild an AR lower receiver. High-quality components are designed to work in coordination with each other to ensure smooth operation, and they come packaged in color-coded bags that organize related parts for easy assembly. Includes molded-polymer A2 pistol grip, Mil-Spec trigger that offers a conventional, single-stage 6 to 6½ lb. service rifle pull. Mfg: Cmmg SPECS: Kit includes A2-style pistol grip, trigger, trigger spring, hammer, disconnector, hammer/trigger retaining pins, hammer spring, bolt stop and screw, selector, selector detent, bolt catch, magazine catch, magazine release button, front pivot pin, rear takedown pin, buffer retainer, triggergCheck price and Read more Detail At Cmmg

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