Heat Shield Mossberg EBay

Heat Shield Mossberg EBay

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Blackhawk Cqc Serpa Holsters - 1911 Government Serpa Cqc Holster Polymer W/ Or W/O Rail
Blackhawk Cqc Serpa Holsters - 1911 Government Serpa Cqc Holster Polymer W/ Or W/O Rail

The Blackhawk SERPA CQC for the 1911 Government is a low-profile, Close Quarter Concealment holster that automatically locks your gun into the holster, yet allows for a smooth draw when needed. When the gun is holstered, the SERPA CQC engages the trigger guard lock with an audible click, letting you know the pistol is securely in place. A release button on the side of the holster disengages the SERPA CQC lock as your trigger finger indexes along the outside of the holster during a normal drawing motion. A speed-cut in the Blackhawk SERPA CQC holster allows you clear the holster faster, then reholster the gun with ease. Fits 1911 Governments with or without rails Mfg: Blackhawk SPECS: Reinforced injection molded polymer. Right hand only. Approximate weight - 4 oz (113g). Adjusts to fit belts up to 2¼" (5.7 cm) wide.Check price and Read more Detail At Blackhawk

Forster Decapping Pins - Short (0.75
Forster Decapping Pins - Short (0.75") Decap Pins 5/Pack

Replacement decapping pins come in three sizes: PPC, Long and Short. PPC pins fit .060 inch diameter flash holes, Long and Short pins fit .080 inch diameter flash holes. All pins are packaged in five. Mfg: ForsterCheck price and Read more Detail At Forster

Brownells 1911 Lug Cutter - .186
Brownells 1911 Lug Cutter - .186" Cutter, Only

Hand operated, carbide cutter easily trims excess material from the bottom barrel lug when fitting custom or factory barrels to 1911 Autos. Cuts barrel lugs parallel, and with the correct height and radius, to help produce the best possible lockup. Use .186" cutter first, then progress to the .195" cutter if more material needs to be removed. Follow with careful hand fitting to achieve a firm, non-binding barrel-to-slide fit. Start small and check your work often. It is possible, with some slide/barrel combinations, that the .195" cutter could remove more material than necessary. Fits all 1911 Auto, Commander and Officers ACP, single- and double-stack frames. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 1" (2.5cm) diameter knob; 2.07" (5.25cm) long shank. .186" (4.72mm) or .195" (4.95mm) diameter cutters. Complete instructions included.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Redding Decap Rod Assemblies - Decap Rod Assembly
Redding Decap Rod Assemblies - Decap Rod Assembly

Includes decapping pin and expander ball Replacement decap rod assembly for Redding sizing dies. Mfg: ReddingCheck price and Read more Detail At Redding

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