Handgun Shotgun Shells

Handgun Shotgun Shells

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Cylinder & Slide 1911 Magazine Release Lock
Cylinder & Slide 1911 Magazine Release Lock

A small, but never overlooked part on any 1911 pistol. Restores the look and function of the magazine release after years of field stripping has caused unsightly damage to the screw slot. A must-have part whenever installing a new magazine catch that does not include this critical part. Machined from hardened steel, then polished for smooth function, and given a hot blue finish. Two per package. Mfg: Cylinder & Slide SPECS: Hardened steel, blue. .512" (1.3 cm) long. Two per package.Check price and Read more Detail At Cylinder & Slide

Berger Bullets Vld Hunting 6mm (0.243
Berger Bullets Vld Hunting 6mm (0.243") Vld Boat Tail Bullets - 6mm (0.243") 95gr Vld Boat Tail 100/Box

The Berger Hunting bullet line is proving to be the most lethal big game hunting bullets available. All of the Berger Hunting bullets are made in the VLD design. The VLD design incorporates a sharp nose that allows the bullet to penetrate 2" to 3" before it starts to expand. After the bullet starts to expand it will shed 40% to 85% of its weight as shrapnel into the surrounding tissue (internal organ). The combination between the shrapnel and the hydrostatic shock produces a massive wound cavity within the vital area (internal organs) that will be 13" to 15" long. This massive wound cavity results in the animal dropping fast since most go into shock after such a treme Mfg: Berger BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Berger Bullets

Seekonk Precision Tools 1/4
Seekonk Precision Tools 1/4" Drive Torque Handle - 15 In/Lb Torque Handle

Improve accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency by torquing rifle triggerguard, plus any ring and base screws to the same reading every time. Convenient "T" handles break away at pre-set, inch/pound torque values and the back-off feature allows the screw to be removed again. Accepts all " drive attachments. Mfg: Seekonk Precision Tools SPECS: Steel, chrome plated. 3" (8.8cm) high, 4-1/8" (10cm) wide.Check price and Read more Detail At Seekonk Precision Tools

Hollands Gunsmithing Remington 700 Tactical Bolt Handle - 17-4 Tactical Bolt Handle
Hollands Gunsmithing Remington 700 Tactical Bolt Handle - 17-4 Tactical Bolt Handle

Long, swept-back handle puts the bolt knob in easy reach for faster operation. Features a Model 70-style, rear sweep, plus .650" additional length that gives competitive and rapid fire shooters, or anyone wearing gloves, a sure, positive grip. Provides the needed leverage to help clear tight or stuck cases. Mfg: Hollands Gunsmithing SPECS: 17-4 stainless steel or 4140 steel, in-the-white. Hardened to Rc 42-44. 3.7" (9.4cm) long.Check price and Read more Detail At Hollands Gunsmithing

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