Handgun Review The Taurus Raging Judge Gungunsguns Net

Handgun Review The Taurus Raging Judge Gungunsguns Net

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Longshot Target Cameras Ipad Sunhood
Longshot Target Cameras Ipad Sunhood

The whole point of setting up your LONGSHOT Target Camera system is to have an easy view of your downrange shooting results, so why would you let a little glare get in the way of instantaneous feedback from your integrated system? This LONGSHOT iPad Sun Hood is designed to protect the surface of your tablet from glare, so you won't be struggling and shifting to see your screen clearly. No assembly is required to use the LONGSHOT iPad Sun Hood, and the hood is light enough to allow for easy packing into your remote long-range shooting area. The cover secures to any iPad or standard tablet and is guaranteed to reduce glare, no matter how bright the sunlight. Mfg: Longshot Target CamerasCheck price and Read more Detail At Longshot Target Cameras

Beretta Usa Trigger Bar
Beretta Usa Trigger Bar

TRIGGER BAR Mfg: Beretta UsaCheck price and Read more Detail At Beretta Usa

Fusion Firearms 1911 5
Fusion Firearms 1911 5" Govt Gi Slide/Top-End Assembly-Carbon, Black - 1911 5" Government 9mm Gi Top-End Assembly Carbon Black

1911 Slide / Top End Assembly. Fusion Diamond Series, 5 Inch Standard GI / Mil-Spec , 1911 Colt Style, Slide / Top-End chambered in 45 ACP or 9mm. Comes completely assembled with recoil system and tested. Features GI/Mil spec rear serrations and mil spec blade rear sight with standard black combat front sight. Diamond Series slides are precision CNC machined from solid 4140 Bar-Stock and heat treated. These tops ends are completely assembled and finished and have been test fired on a slave frame for function. The assembly comes complete with: Slide, Barrel, Barrel Bushing, Link, Link Pin, Extractor, Firing Pin, Firing Pin Spring, Stop Plate, Recoil System, and Sights. All completely Mfg: Fusion FirearmsCheck price and Read more Detail At Fusion Firearms

Brownells Barrel Vise Bushings - #9 (1.200
Brownells Barrel Vise Bushings - #9 (1.200") Aluminum Bushing

Aluminum, split barrel bushings come in eight different hole sizes and one, special, pre-machined bushing to make this universal Barrel Vise system the very first choice of professional gunsmit hs. Steel Bushings provide years of service, plus have the necessary clamping power to break loose the tightest barrels. Aluminium Bushings give exceptional holding ability without marking your barrel. Solid Bushings - Solid bushings that have NOT been split so you can alter them as you want. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Bushings - C.R.S. Steel, blue finish. 6160 aluminum, natural finish. #4, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are in a range of I.D.'s to closely match the shank diameters of most rifle barrels. #5 Bushing; fits military Mauser 98 barrels. #6 Bushing tapered to fit Remington Factory .30-06 Sporter and other siCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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