Hornady 28 Nosler

Hornady 28 Nosler

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Precision Reflex Rmr Sight Scope Mount
Precision Reflex Rmr Sight Scope Mount

Machined aluminum mount lets you install a Trijicon RMR reflex sight on a 30mm scope tube. Enables fast transition from long-range to close-in targeting simply by moving your eye. Lets you position the RMR to the left, right, or at any angle in between. Can also replace the ring top half on Precision Reflex 30mm scope rings. Mfg: Precision Reflex, Inc. SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum, hardcoat anodized, black. 1¾" (4.4cm) long, 17⁄8" (4.7cm) wide, 1¾" (4.4cm) high. 2 oz. (57g) wt.Check price and Read more Detail At Precision Reflex, Inc.

Taylors & Company The Gunfighter 5.5
Taylors & Company The Gunfighter 5.5" - Gunfighter 5.5" .45lc

The Gunfighter model is the perfect solution for any shooter looking for more grip to hold on to. Taylor's installed the favorite 1860 Army grip onto the new model forged frame cattleman to accommodate the larger hand shooter. The Army grip is longer and slightly wider than the smaller Navy grip that is usually found on cattleman frames. Mfg: Taylors & Company, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Taylors & Company, Inc.

Lyman Browning  Model 57 Sme - Browning  Adjustable Tang Sight Model 57 Sme Black
Lyman Browning Model 57 Sme - Browning Adjustable Tang Sight Model 57 Sme Black

Rugged and precise sights, machined to hug the receiver for lowest line of sight, least protrusion. Audible-click, ¼" minute adjustments for elevation and windage. Elevation slide is scribed in 3 minute increments. Quick release allows slide to be removed with a press of a button. Elevation stop screw permits instantaneous return to zero. Mfg: Lyman SPECS: Aluminum, black, anodized. Comes with two apertures, ½" (12.7mm) x .093" (2.3mm) and 5/8" (15.8mm) x .040" (1.1mm). Model 57 SME fits Browning Sako, Colt Sako, Enfield u.s. 1917, .30/06 British 1914 303B, JAP Arisaka, 6.5mm, 7.7mm, Mauser '98, 91, 94, 95, 96,Check price and Read more Detail At Lyman

Brownells Hard Fit Curl Scrapers - Curved 3/8
Brownells Hard Fit Curl Scrapers - Curved 3/8" Curl Scraper

Made to remove the tiniest possible curl of wood to get that exact fit that separates "Pros" from "duds". Handles are placed at right angles to the cutting edge; you get complete control of the edge and almost no tendency to follow wood grain, gouge or dig in.Made of best quality tempered tool steel, with enough heft to eliminate any "flexing". Shaped for positive fingertip control of blade thru full stroke. Finger clearance under the handle for tight places. Available in 2 styles - 3 blade widths. Sizes small enough for trigger hole; big enough for barrel channel. Flat ones perfect for fitting floor plates, tangs, magazines. Not intended to rough out barrel channel, so Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Two styles: Curved and Straight, 3 sizes: ¼" (6.3cm), 3/8" (9.5cm), ½" (12.7mm). Set includes one of each.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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