Hornady 20 Gague 1oz Lead Slug

Hornady 20 Gague 1oz Lead Slug

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Barnes Banded Solid 500 Jeffery (0.510
Barnes Banded Solid 500 Jeffery (0.510") Bullets - 500 Jeffery (0.510") 535gr Banded Round Nose Fb 20/Box

Barnes' Banded Solids stop dangerous game right now! In life-threatening situations, you can depend on Banded Solids to put the largest animal down. Machined from homogenous copper/zinc alloy, these indestructible bullets won't disintegrate or deflect on heavy bone. Multiple bands, or rings, cut into the shank of Barnes Banded Solids relieve pressure and virtually eliminate fouling. New nose design tracks straighter through dense muscle and bone. Weight-matched with TSX Bullets of the same caliber, Banded Solids can be interchanged with expanding bullets without varying point of impact. Banded Solid Spitzers kill fur-bearing game cleanly, without damaging valuab Mfg: Barnes BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Barnes Bullets

Q Bottle Rocket Muzzle Brake - Bottle Rocket Muzzle Brake Thread Protector
Q Bottle Rocket Muzzle Brake - Bottle Rocket Muzzle Brake Thread Protector

For rifles equipped with the company's Cherry Bomb muzzle brake, Q developed its unique Q Bottle Rocket muzzle brake. This design enhances the braking capabilities of the Cherry Bomb design while also working as a thread protector when suppressors are removed from the rifle. The design of the Bottle Rocket measures 2.7 inches long and weighs 2.6 ounces. Mfg: QCheck price and Read more Detail At Q

Hornady Match Grade Bushing - .256
Hornady Match Grade Bushing - .256" Diameter Match Bushing

The Hornady match Grade Dies feature interchangeable neck sizing bushings that are self centering. The bushings allow the user to size the case neck to the bullet tension you desire. This eliminates the chance of over-sizing your case necks and overworking the brass. Bushings are available in .002 inch increments. The Match Grade Full Length Die will size the case body, bump the shoulder and size the case neck with the selected bushing. The Match Grade Neck Die sizes the neck with the installed bushing and bumps the shoulder only (no body sizing). Both versions feature a self centering decap spindle with an o-ring spindle tensioner, and the elliptical expander ball with headed decap p Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Savage Firing Pin Assembly
Savage Firing Pin Assembly

FIRING PIN ASSEMBLY Mfg: SavageCheck price and Read more Detail At Savage

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