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Home Pacforest Supply Company

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Remington Nitro Pheasant Ammo 20 Gauge 3
Remington Nitro Pheasant Ammo 20 Gauge 3" 1-1/4 Oz #5 Shot - 20 Gauge 3" 1-1/4 Oz #5 Shot 25/Box

Premium Ammunition For Pheasant 25 shells per box For the best upland game ammunition look for Remington Nitro Pheasant and go to the field with confidence. Mfg: RemingtonCheck price and Read more Detail At Remington

P&L Development Target Scope Bases - .275
P&L Development Target Scope Bases - .275" Target Scope Base

Versatile, steel bases accept target front sights and external adjustment scopes from Redfield, Lyman, Unertl and others that require a 3/8" dovetail base. Contoured bottom radius provides a tight, solid fit to barrel, prevents side movement, and ensures base is aligned squarely with receiver. Does not fit Redfield external adjustment scopes. Mfg: P&L Development SPECS: 1018 steel, blue, matte finish. 1-15/16" (3.5cm) long. 9/16" bottom radius. Hole spacings are .860" and .562". Includes 6-48 screws.Check price and Read more Detail At P&L Development

Western Powders Montana X-Treme
Western Powders Montana X-Treme "cowboy Blend" Lead & Powder Solvent - Cowboy Blend Solvent

Wipes out heavy leading caused by cast lead, cowboy bullets. Eats through caked-on powder fouling, cuts plastic wad residue, and quickly removes carbon buildup from the throat area. Works equally well to clean choke tubes and revolver cylinders. It's concentrated to work fast, so you have time to clean between stages. Mfg: Western Powders, Inc. SPECS: 20 fl. oz. (591 ml) bottle.Check price and Read more Detail At Western Powders, Inc.

Shilen Contour #5 Barrel - 20 Caliber 1-12 Twist #5 Stainless Barrel
Shilen Contour #5 Barrel - 20 Caliber 1-12 Twist #5 Stainless Barrel

All the loving care of the best stockmaker and the meticulous attention to detail of the master machinist will not make a gun shoot any straighter than the accuracy capability of the barrel used. And, it is the insides of a barrel, that very small and vital area of lands and grooves over which the gunsmith has no control, that can determine whether the finished work of art is for shooting - or "just for looks". Craftsmanship . . . not price . . . determines the quality of a barrel. But, by the same token, the customer willing to spend the money for a custom gun is shortsighted indeed, if he starts economizing and orders "just any old barrel so long as it's che Mfg: Shilen SPECS: 4140 chrome-moly or 416 Stainless Steel. METRIC: 1 " (2.5cm), 1 lb. (.45kg). Special Orders: If no Stock # is shown in the chart, that barrel must be ordered on a Special Order basis. Special Orders require Full Payment in Advance and are non-cancelable and non-refundable. AllowCheck price and Read more Detail At Shilen

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