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Nikon Monarch 7 2.5-10x50mm Scope Side Focus Advanced Bdc Reticle - 2.5-10x50mm Advanced Bdc Matte Black
Nikon Monarch 7 2.5-10x50mm Scope Side Focus Advanced Bdc Reticle - 2.5-10x50mm Advanced Bdc Matte Black

The Nikon Monarch 7 is a 2.5-10x50 scope designed with the needs of dedicated rifle shooters in mind. First, it's built on a 30mm extruded aluminum tube that provides an excellent combination of strength and minimal weight. The tube's larger interior volume (vs. a traditional 1" tube) provides room for a larger internal windage and elevation adjustment range for those long shots. Like all Nikon riflescopes, the heart of the Monarch 7 2.5-10x50 is its glass, with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds on the lens surfaces to provide bright, vivid sight pictures and optimum light transmission from dawn to dusk. The generously sized ocular lens delivers an excepti Mfg: NikonCheck price and Read more Detail At Nikon

Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Short Length - 54s .0550
Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Short Length - 54s .0550"

A heavy-duty drill can make all the difference in the world in your work. The extra engineering and care in manufacture will help you to drill cleaner, more accurate holes, and many more of them at that. All the Drills we carry, Sets, Individuals, Jobber Length and Short Length, are made from High Speed Steel with a 135° self-centering point. Special point and surface treatments (Maxi-Set not treated) give easier, more wear-resistant drilling of the tough steels encountered in the gun shop. Mfg: Triumph Twist Drill Co. SPECS: High speed steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Triumph Twist Drill Co.

Superlative Arms Ar-15 Adjustable Gas Block .936
Superlative Arms Ar-15 Adjustable Gas Block .936" Solid - Ar-15 Adjustable Gas Block .936" Solid Stainless Steel

The Superlative Arms patent pending "Bleed Off", direct impingement, gas block for the AR15 platform adjusts the gas flow by bleeding the gas out of the block instead of restricting the flow like conventional adjustable blocks. Results: The pressure used in the block is reduced only to the amount required to drive the bolt carrier. The remaining gas / pressure are bled out of the block allowing the system to run much cleaner and cooler. Reduction of felt recoil. Patented adjustment detent is located outside of the block and therefore no contamination. The gas adjustment screw does not restrict the gas flow; therefore there is no erosion or Mfg: Superlative Arms LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Superlative Arms Llc

Brownells Bluing Thermometer
Brownells Bluing Thermometer

Accurate temperature control of the bluing bath is absolutely a must for long lasting, true-color blue jobs. Brownells stainless steel Bluing Thermometer is carefully sealed for use in the caustic bluing bath. Each and every thermometer is calibrated and double-checked for accuracy. Cheap, poorly constructed thermometers cause more bluing failures than any other single thing, and it is our feeling that any company offering them for sale to gunsmiths has little knowledge of the bluing game. Brownells Bluing Thermometer has a long, 6" stem. Only 3" of the stem need to be immersed in the bath, leaving 3" of safety margin to keep the dial out of the salts. Supplied with a Cl Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Thermometer: Black numbers, silver face. 2-1/8;" (5.4cm) diameter, 50-400 F. Clip: Stainless Steel. 2" (6.3mm) long.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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