Fn 9mm For Sale

Fn 9mm For Sale

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10-8 Performance 1911 U-Notch Rear Sight - Standard .156
10-8 Performance 1911 U-Notch Rear Sight - Standard .156" U-Notch Rear Sight

Fixed rear sight is precision machined from heat-hardened 4140 steel bar stock, so it withstands the wear and tear of daily carry, yet delivers a clear, precise sight picture. Perfect for concealed carry, duty, or combat pistols where a rugged, reliable rear sight is mission critical. Fully "dehorned," with rounded and chamfered edges to prevent snagging on holster, clothing, or other gear that could impede draw. Easy-to-acquire .125" high U-shaped notch aligns quickly with a wide variety of factory-height front sights, including fiber optic, tritium dot, and gold beads. Rear face of the plain black blade has 40 lpi serrations for a glare-free sight picture under almost a Mfg: 10-8 Performance Llc SPECS: Steel, matte black finish. Fits Novak-style 65° x .500" dovetail. Standard - .325" high, available with .125", .140", and .156" wide notches. Tall - .375" high, with .125" wide notch, for Officers model and other short-barrel 1911s; a direct reCheck price and Read more Detail At 10-8 Performance Llc

H-S Precision 700 Short Action 308 Detachable Bottom Metals - Short Action Magazine 308
H-S Precision 700 Short Action 308 Detachable Bottom Metals - Short Action Magazine 308

Add all the convenience of drop-free, box magazine to your favorite Remington 700 BDL. Spring-loaded finger latch inside the triggerguard drops the box magazine free, speeds loading and unloading. Made from durable stainless steel and finished with bake-on, matte, black Teflon coating that's self-lubricating and resists scratches and wear. Updated version have positive locking springs on the bottom of both sides of the floor plate (holds the magazine box securely in place without the rubber o-ring), a polymer boot on bottom of box (easier to remove), and a guide slot and larger rear catch on back of box (ensures proper latch). Mfg: H-S Precision SPECS: Stainless steel, black, matte finish. 9.3 oz.(265 g) approximate wt. Fits H.S. Precision 2000 and Rem. 700 BDL long and short actions. Will fit Rem. ADL with modifications to stock. May require gunsmithing/fitting. Magazine Capacity Five rounds with .223, .222 & .204, four rounCheck price and Read more Detail At H-S Precision

Brownells Alignment & Push Punches - .120
Brownells Alignment & Push Punches - .120" Brass Alignment & Push Punch

For the professional and home gunsmith alike these punches take much of the frustration out of aligning parts and assemblies. And they provide faster and easier disassembly, too. Furnished with a large, easy-to-grasp, handle that gives excellent control for aligning holes and starting pins. Slightly undersized shank provides a close fit that won't bind in the hole. A slight taper, 3⁄4" from the end is especially useful when fitting parts that require repeated assembly and disassembly. Four sizes fit the majority of pins found on the AR-15, 1911 Auto, Remington 870 and Ruger Revolvers. Won't roll off bench. Alignment/Push Punch Set includes one each of the punches liste Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Handle - Plastic. Shank - Unhardened steel drill rod, or 360 alloy brass . 3¼" (8.2cm) long. OAL - 4¾" (12.1cm) long. Alignment/Push Punch Set - Contains (4) brass and (4) steel punches, (1) brass and (1) steel of each diameter: .092" (2.3mm), .120" (3mm)Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Grs Riflestocks Howa 1500 Sa Grs Sporter Stock - Howa 1500 Sa Grs Sporter Stock Black
Grs Riflestocks Howa 1500 Sa Grs Sporter Stock - Howa 1500 Sa Grs Sporter Stock Black

Take your Howa 1500 to the next level and ensure that you have a solid, custom fit on your rifle with the GRS Stocks Sporter Stock. This unique design provides plenty of adjustments for a precision stock fit while providing a durable, attractive look to any rifle. The GRS Stocks Sporter Stock is built with an oil-coated birch laminate designed to ward off all ill effects from weather and other field difficulties. Comb height and length of pull adjustments are both offered, and the stock features a slight, six-degree cant that enhances shooter comfort. Built with 6-degree grip angle Includes 0.5-inch Limbsaver recoil pad Weighs about 3 pounds, depending on inlet ch Mfg: Grs RiflestocksCheck price and Read more Detail At Grs Riflestocks

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