Eotech With Magnifier Scar

Eotech With Magnifier Scar

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Swarovski Atx/Stx Objective Module - Atx/Stx Objective Module 95mm
Swarovski Atx/Stx Objective Module - Atx/Stx Objective Module 95mm

The Swarovski Optik ATX / STX / BTX spotting scope system combines exceptionally flexible modularity with optical perfection. The objective lens can be changed to suit any viewing situation. SWAROVISION technology provides extreme detail recognition at crucial moments. 65mm Weight: 27.3oz 85mm Weight: 38.8oz 95mm Weight: 47.3oz The 65 mm objective module is perfect for those who want a lightweight device that offers outstanding optical performance, a large field of view, and impressive close-range focusing. With the 85 mm objective module you can be prepared for any situation. Its large field of view and zoom range enable quick and precise observation. Excel Mfg: SwarovskiCheck price and Read more Detail At Swarovski

Lauer Custom Weaponry Duracoat Paints - Duracoat Desert Warrior Tan, 8oz
Lauer Custom Weaponry Duracoat Paints - Duracoat Desert Warrior Tan, 8oz

Provides a protective paint that won't chip, crack, or flake; works great on any material. Hardener and paint form a chemical bond for durability and elasticity. Airbrush application gives a smooth finish. Dries in 10 minutes and fully cures overnight; speed cure in the oven at 110° F for 1 hour. The HARDENER is included with each color. The 4 oz. finishes 1-4 firearms; and the 8 oz. finishes 4-8 firearms depending on application and size of firearms. View the Duracoat Painting System. Note: Duracoat Pink Lady requires base coat of DuraCoat 21-White available by special order. Mfg: Lauer Custom WeaponryCheck price and Read more Detail At Lauer Custom Weaponry

Burris Xtr Signature Rings - 34mm X-High (1.50
Burris Xtr Signature Rings - 34mm X-High (1.50") Xtr Rings

Unique, self-centering, dual steel clamps with full cross-through connection assure proper center on any width Picatinny rail, while adding extra strength. Burris XTR rings ONLY fit a Picatinny style rail. Revolutionary Pos-Align Inserts technology, in a tactical ring configuration Pos-Align Inserts guarantee perfect centering and maximum scope-to-ring contact for tremendous gripping power without damaging the scope finish. Lets you virtually sight in your gun without moving the scope adjustments. Corrects misalignment caused by off-center receiver holes Corrects for bases or rings being slightly off-center No need for expensive tapered bases or shimming for thous Mfg: BurrisCheck price and Read more Detail At Burris

Pachmayr "gripper" Handgun Grips - Model Rs6-G Ruger Sec & Service 6 W/Sq Butt #151 Or Higher

The combination you've been looking for. Positive, no-slip grip provided by Pachmayr's famous grip material, plus . . . the excellent accuracy advantage of contoured finger grooves for consistent hand placement. Won't chip, crack or break. Mfg: Pachmayr SPECS: Molded, black, neoprene rubber.Check price and Read more Detail At Pachmayr

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