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Smith & Alexander 1911
Smith & Alexander 1911 "e-Z Fit Hi-Grip" Beavertail Safety - Series 80, Palmswell Hi-Grip Safety, S/S

Curved shape drops the pistol deeper into the hand and lowers the line of sight for less felt recoil and a faster pointing gun. Wide beavertail shape prevents the hammer from "bit-ing" the web of the hand. Palmswell model fea- tures a raised pad that maintains constant hand contact for the shooter using a high thumb hold. Mfg: Smith & Alexander SPECS: Steel, matte BLUE or satin stainless (S/S). .866" (22mm) from rear of hole to tip. Available Standard or Palmswell. Series 70 or 80. .250" radius requires alteration to frame.Check price and Read more Detail At Smith & Alexander

Viridian V210 Long Range Illuminator With Manual Zoom - V210 Lr Illuminator W/Manual Zoom-White Light
Viridian V210 Long Range Illuminator With Manual Zoom - V210 Lr Illuminator W/Manual Zoom-White Light

The V210 Long Range Illuminator is the ultimate access for night-time hunting. Illuminators deploy high-intensity, next-gen LED technology to throw a brilliant, tactical-grade light beam far downrange. Undetectable green, red or infrared beams paint distant targets in total darkness, without spooking your quarry, staining your eyes, or blowing a paycheck on high price gear. The brilliant beam lets you find a trail or disorient an opponent instantly. Features: Up to 1000 lumens LED light available in green, red, white or infrared 6-40 hour runtime 200 yard range Manual zoom adjustment Waterproof and impact resistant 3 light modes (high, medium and Mfg: ViridianCheck price and Read more Detail At Viridian

Lockdown Safe & Security Acc. Goldenrod Dehumidifier - 24
Lockdown Safe & Security Acc. Goldenrod Dehumidifier - 24" Goldenrod

Designed to handle the worst kinds of humidity problems to give your gun safe, locker or cabinet the perfect environment for storing valuable firearms. GoldenRod dehumidifiers use a sealed, electric element to safely heat to a surface temperature of less than 150F (almost too warm to hold); air inside the enclosure stays slightly warmer than the ambient, outside temperature. Expansion of the heated air drives out rust-causing moisture and circulates warm, dry air throughout the storage area. Mount GoldenRod horizontally at the bottom of the enclosure using the provided universal mounting brackets, plug it in, and forget about it. There's nothing to empty, refill, or bake dry. Your firearms Mfg: Lockdown Safe & Security Acc. SPECS: 12" - 12" (30.5cm) long, 12 watts, covers approx. 100 cu./ft. 18" - 18" (45.7cm) long, 18 watts, covers approx. 200 cu./ft. 24" - 24" (61cm) long, 25 watts, covers approx. 300 cu./ft. 36" - 36" (91cm) long, 38 watts, covers approx. 500 cu./ft. Includes mounting brackets and screws.Check price and Read more Detail At Lockdown Safe & Security Acc.

Power Custom Blank Scope Ring Base Stock - 9
Power Custom Blank Scope Ring Base Stock - 9" Picatinny Scope Ring Base

Blank aluminum stock has a milled center channel for lighter weight without reducing strength. Just cut to required length, mill the cross slots, radius the underside (if needed) and drill the mounting holes. Plenty of thickness allows machining to fit most revolver top straps and receivers. Available in Weaver or Picatinny profiles. Mfg: Power Custom SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum, unfinished. Available in 9" (22.8cm), or 18" (45.7cm) lengths. Weaver - 9⁄16" (14.3mm) thick, 6.1 oz. (173g) or 12.3 oz. (348g) weight. Picatinny - 5⁄8" (1.59cm) thick. 6.5 oz. (184g) or 13 oz. (368g) weight.Check price and Read more Detail At Power Custom

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