Dpms G2 Rebuild

Dpms G2 Rebuild

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Dewey Coated Rods - Dewey 30c-17
Dewey Coated Rods - Dewey 30c-17

The tough nylon coating on these rods absolutely won't scratch the delicate rifling of the finest match barrel and won't peel off like many vinyl coatings do. Smooth turning, ball bearing handle. Supplied with Adapter for standard 8-32 male thread brushes and accessories (Except .17 and 20 caliber rods; they are 5-40 female). Plus, an extra-long Dewey Jag that takes a patch either wrapped-around, or over-the-end, and fits directly onto the rod's male thread. 17C and 20C series rods do not include brush adapter. Use of breech or muzzle bore guide recommended. Mfg: Dewey SPECS: Handles are 1-1/8" (2.9cm) dia. x 2-7/8" (7.3cm) long. The number following the dash in the model number represents the rod length in inches, 1"=2.5cm. 17C rods fit .17 caliber 20C rods fit .20 cal-.22RF. 22C rods fit .22-.26 caliber 30C rods fit .27 caliber and upCheck price and Read more Detail At Dewey

Evolution Ar-15/M16 Match Barrels - Ar-15/M16 16
Evolution Ar-15/M16 Match Barrels - Ar-15/M16 16" 223 Match Barrel Ss

Button rifled and fully machined to very tight tolerances for unmatched accuracy. Designed for match rifles with free-float tubes and flat top receivers. Integral muzzle brake greatly diminishes recoil and muzzle flip. Sleek, contoured gas block will not obstruct view with low-mounted scopes or red dot optics. Legal for installation on both pre- and post-ban receivers. Mfg: Evolution, Inc. SPECS: 410 stainless steel, bright-machined finish. Chambered .223 Rem. 1-9" twist, nominal 16" (40cm) under the handguard. Compensator adds 1-1/4" (3.1cm) to overall length. Includes gas block and barrel extension.Check price and Read more Detail At Evolution, Inc.

Lauer Custom Weaponry Finishing Kits - Beginners Kit Matte Black
Lauer Custom Weaponry Finishing Kits - Beginners Kit Matte Black

DualFil Kit (Matte Black)- Need to fix up that old, pitted barreled action? This kit is for you. All you do is degrease, apply DuraFil using an airbrush or spray gun, let dry and sand smooth. Top coat with DuraCoat and you have a beautifully restored piece. Kit includes: 4oz of DuraCoat with hardener, 2oz DuraFil with hardener, 2oz Reducer, 6oz Aerosol TruStrip Cleaner/Degreaser DuraPhos Kit (Matte Black)- Do you have a bare steel action that you want to DuraCoat? Use the DuraPhos Kit for the best possible results. Apply with an airbrush or spray gun. The kit includes: 4oz DuraCoat with hardener, 2oz Reducer, 4oz DuraPhos Pre-Treat Mfg: Lauer Custom WeaponryCheck price and Read more Detail At Lauer Custom Weaponry

International Barrels Savage Small Shank Prefit Precision Barrels - 6x47mm Lapua 1-8
International Barrels Savage Small Shank Prefit Precision Barrels - 6x47mm Lapua 1-8" Twist 26" Barrel

Looking to change out the barrel on your Savage Model 110 rifle action? Thanks to International Barrels, changing out your rifle's barrel doesn't have to involve a trip to the gunsmith! The specially developed design of these Savage small-shank pre-fit barrels means you can swap out your rifle caliber right at home. Each International Barrels Pre-Fit Savage Small Shank precision barrel is constructed with a barrel-nut system that can be threaded onto your action right at home. Once the barrel is threaded into place, simply check its positioning with a set of headspace gauges and then tighten the barrel nut down to its proper torque settings. Then you're done! The eas Mfg: International BarrelsCheck price and Read more Detail At International Barrels

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