Dpms Buffer Springs

Dpms Buffer Springs

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Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out
Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out

Brushless bore-cleaning foam dissolves carbon, copper, brass, bronze, black powder, and smokeless powder fouling. Foam suspends and absorbs the fouling for superb cleaning. Contains corrosion inhibitors so you can leave the cleaner in the bore for up to 24 hours. Won't harm modern gunstock finishes, carbon steel, or stainless steel; contains no acid or ammonia. Mfg: Sharp Shoot R SPECS: Aerosol, 5 oz. (142g). Will remove antique finishes such as varnish, shellac, oil and lacquer.Check price and Read more Detail At Sharp Shoot R

Fusion Firearms 1911 45acp Commander 4.25
Fusion Firearms 1911 45acp Commander 4.25" Standard Non-Ramp Barrel - 1911 45 Acp Commander 4.25" Standard Non-Ramp Threaded Bbl

1911 Barrel, Fusion Firearms "Ultra Match Grade(UMG)" 1911 4.25" Commander Length 1911 Colt style Standard Non-Ramped barrel chambered in 45acp. 416R Certified Stainless steel(Eddystone Verified, Rifle Grade), Precision button Rifled, Hand honed and Air-gauged bore, precision broached, accu-bored chambers, all precision CNC machined and manufactured with basic fitting points on the back of the hood and bottom of feet, so that most folks with a hand file or emery cloth precision fit for outstanding lock-up and superior match accuracy. These will drop in tightly on many production manufactured 1911's, helping with a consistent tight lock-up and improved accuracy Mfg: Fusion FirearmsCheck price and Read more Detail At Fusion Firearms

Brownells Magna-Tip Thin-Bits - Bit #340-2, Sd=.340, Bt=.025
Brownells Magna-Tip Thin-Bits - Bit #340-2, Sd=.340, Bt=.025

Eighteen incredibly thin bits to fit the extra-narrow screw slots often encountered in the gun shop. Take great care when using these bits. The blade MUST fill the slot from side-to-side and edge-to-edge or it will most certainly break on a firmly seated screw. Freeze spray, heat, penetrating oil, a few taps, regrinding the bit for an even better fit - all these tricks can help give success. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 1½" (3.8cm) long bitsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Beretta Usa Elastic Ring  2-9
Beretta Usa Elastic Ring 2-9

ELASTIC RING 2-9 Mfg: Beretta UsaCheck price and Read more Detail At Beretta Usa

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