Daniel Defense Brownells France

Daniel Defense Brownells France

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Storm Lake Springfield Xd/Xdm Conversion Barrels - Xdm .40s&W To 9mm, 4.6
Storm Lake Springfield Xd/Xdm Conversion Barrels - Xdm .40s&W To 9mm, 4.6", No Port

Match-grade conversion barrels make it easy to change the caliber of your XD or XDM, with no gunsmithing required. Precision machined from certified 416 stainless steel hardened to Rc 40-42 for superior strength. Broach-cut rifling delivers excellent accuracy with both copper jacketed and lead bullets. Fully chambered and throated to match grade standards, with an extended ramp for full case support. Ported models are longer than factory barrel and have two ports on top, at the muzzle, to vent blast upward and counteract muzzle flip to help you get back on target faster. Mfg: Storm Lake SPECS: 416 stainless steel, natural, polished finish. Hardened to Rc 40-42. Conversion barrels are available for Springfield XD Service .40 S&W with 4" and XDM .40 S&W with 4.5" barrel. 9mm barrels require the use of a 9mm magazine. May require changing to a 9mm extractor to ensCheck price and Read more Detail At Storm Lake

Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Short Length - 30s .1285
Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Short Length - 30s .1285"

A heavy-duty drill can make all the difference in the world in your work. The extra engineering and care in manufacture will help you to drill cleaner, more accurate holes, and many more of them at that. All the Drills we carry, Sets, Individuals, Jobber Length and Short Length, are made from High Speed Steel with a 135° self-centering point. Special point and surface treatments (Maxi-Set not treated) give easier, more wear-resistant drilling of the tough steels encountered in the gun shop. Mfg: Triumph Twist Drill Co. SPECS: High speed steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Triumph Twist Drill Co.

Czech Small Arms Vz.58 Pistol 7.62x39 7.62
Czech Small Arms Vz.58 Pistol 7.62x39 7.62"

If you're in the market for a truly compact rifle-caliber pistol design, then this model of the Czech Small Arms vz.58 pistol will definitely appeal to you, thanks to an incredibly compact barrel. In creating the Czech Small Arms vz.58 pistol, the company took the already-compact 11.9-inch pistol and trimmed more than four inches off the end, providing users with a trimmed down model that fits a range of uses. Each pistol is built with a German Lothar Walther barrel, which is chrome-lined for corrosion-resistance. Chambered in 7.62x39 Barrel length: 7.62 inches Ships with two 30-round magazines Weight: 5.02 pounds Additionally, each Czech Small Arm Mfg: Czech Small ArmsCheck price and Read more Detail At Czech Small Arms

Smith & Wesson Trigger Stud
Smith & Wesson Trigger Stud

TRIGGER STUD Mfg: Smith & WessonCheck price and Read more Detail At Smith & Wesson

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