Daisy Air Rifle Ammo

Daisy Air Rifle Ammo

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Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit
Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit "a" - No. 7 Refill Sights, 10-Pak

Brownells Shotgun Sight Kit "A" is truly one of the most unusual bargains ever offered a Sporting Goods Store or Professional Gunsmith in a practical, economical assortment of top-quality, replacement shotgun sights. The workmanship is superb, being done on the most modern and up-to-date machinery in the U.S.A. The sight globes are true spheres - not lop-sided as those you have found on many other sights at a higher price. The threads are cut onto the shank, and are clean, sharp and well-machined for the best possible fit. Shanks are threaded right up to the base of the bead so you can set the sight exactly onto the barrel. Your choice of sights in the Kit is extremely wi Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Brass and Aluminum Beads in 3½" (8.9cm) x 7" (17.8cm) clear plastic box.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Brownells Dicropan T-4 - 32 Oz. T-4
Brownells Dicropan T-4 - 32 Oz. T-4

T-4 is in the catalog because of customer demand. As Maynard Buehler said: "THIS is the BEST yet." Every time a new gun blue comes on the market, we test it on a piece of gun barrel. We blue three spots: one with the new blue, one with Oxpho- Blue and one with T-4. One day later we start rubbing all three areas with steel wool until one of them starts wearing off. So far, Oxpho Blue is toughest and T-4 next. However, for ease of application and deep density of color, T-4 is superior. Its ability to touch-up wear areas and scratches instantly has made it a favorite. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 4 oz. (118.2ml) or 32 oz. (.946L).Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Rcbs X-Die Small Base Sizer Die Sets - 308 Winchester Small Base Die Set
Rcbs X-Die Small Base Sizer Die Sets - 308 Winchester Small Base Die Set

Small Base Sizer Dies are usually required for reloading ammunition to be used in automatic, semi-automatic, pump, slide and some lever-action rifles. These dies size the body of cases somewhat smaller in diameter and also set the shoulder back slightly more than a Full-Length Sizer Die to ensure proper functioning in the actions of these rifles. Small Base Die Sets not recommended for ammunition used in bolt-action rifles. Small Base Set contains Small Base Sizer with ExpanderDecapping Unit and Regular Seater Die with Seater Plug. Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

Brownells Semi-Auto Pistol Compensator Tap - .575
Brownells Semi-Auto Pistol Compensator Tap - .575"-40 Tap

Use die to thread custom and standard barrels to accept recoil compensators. Use plug tap to chase threads or tap your own custom compensators. Unthreaded comps should be drilled with 3-5/64" HSS drill then reamed to .551" before threading with either tap. Turn barrels to approximately .002" smaller than thread diameter. .575"-40 thread matches most commercial, tapered-sleeve or integral, cone-style comps. .581"-40 thread is same as used on Wilson, Brown and Storm Lake Machine barrels and bushing style comps. .685"-40 thread is used to fit compensators to threaded Bull and Hybrid barrels. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: High speed steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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