Double Barrel Shotgun Accessories

Double Barrel Shotgun Accessories

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R. Gale Lock Gun Stock Stain - 1787 Golden Walnut Stain, 4 Oz.
R. Gale Lock Gun Stock Stain - 1787 Golden Walnut Stain, 4 Oz.

Traditional, spirit-based stains will not raise the grain on hardwood; means less sanding work and faster recoats. Great for touch-up and refinishing. Beautiful, vibrant colors compliment the finest hardwoods. Mfg: R. Gale Lock Co. SPECS: 4oz. (118ml) resealable bottle. Dark Walnut - very dark, great on birch and maple military stocks. Early American - a medium dark walnut with red highlights.Use for touch-up and refinishing. 1776 Antique - red/yellow highlights. Gives curly maple an antique look. Good for pre-'64 WiCheck price and Read more Detail At R. Gale Lock Co.

Legacy Sports International 24
Legacy Sports International 24" 6mm Creedmoor Barreled Action - 26" 6mm Creedmoor Semi-Heavy Barreled Action 1/2-28

The Howa 1500 6mm Creedmoor Barreled Action is the ideal platform for shooters who want to build a precision 1,000 yard rifle around the light-recoiling, flat-shooting 6mm Creedmoor cartridge. Even better, Howa makes it possible for you to achieve this at an amazingly affordable price. Starting with a forged carbon steel short action (SA) receiver, Howa adds a hammer-forged barrel chambered for the popular new 6mm Creedmoor cartridge (old timers may call it a souped up .243 but it's much more). The tricky chore of headspacing is done for you at the factory, so you can concentrate on matching up the barreled action with the stock of your choice, plus a suitable optic and its mount Mfg: Legacy Sports InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Legacy Sports International

Whidden Gunworks Bushing Full Length Sizer Dies - Bushing Full Length Sizer Die 6mm Ppc Pm
Whidden Gunworks Bushing Full Length Sizer Dies - Bushing Full Length Sizer Die 6mm Ppc Pm

Whiddens' hand-polished Bushing Sizer dies have a shorter overall length for better shoulder bump back, a smaller base and tighter internal tolerances. All of the sizer dies include a shoulder datum collar to measure shoulder bump and headspace. The sizing dies also include a pin retainer should you chose to use the sizer without the expander. Wide knurling on the die make small adjustments simple while the 6-32 machine screw on the lock ring secures the die once the final adjustment is made. The full length bushing die does not include the required bushing. The sizer will accept Redding or L.E. Wilson bushings. Mfg: Whidden GunworksCheck price and Read more Detail At Whidden Gunworks

Sadlak Industries Ar-15/M16 Gas Blocks - Low-Profile, .875
Sadlak Industries Ar-15/M16 Gas Blocks - Low-Profile, .875" Bore Dia., Steel

All of SADLAK's Gas Blocks are made in the USA by craftsmen with years of experience delivering consistent quality. All the bores are precision honed and all critical measurements are 100% inspected to insure consistency and quality. Available in a multitude of sizes and styles, Sadlak's Gas Blocks are a great option if you are building an AR or if you are just looking to upgrade. The Gas Blocks are available in .625", .750", .875", or .936". They also feature option such as Clamp-Style, Slip-On, Skeletonized, or Adjustable, and all attaching hardware is included. All Gas Blocks except for the Picatinny Rail Gas Block are Low-Profile. Finishes inclu Mfg: Sadlak Industries SPECS: 6061 T6 aluminum, hardcoat anodized, black, or 1018 alloy steel, Parkerized, black. Barrel O.D. measured at gas port. SKU BBL. DIA. LENGTH WIDTH HEIGHT WEIGHT 100-006-899 .625"Check price and Read more Detail At Sadlak Industries

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