Gun Store Gadsden Al

Gun Store Gadsden Al

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International Barrels Remington 700 Prefit Precision Barrels - 6.5x47mm Lapua 1-10
International Barrels Remington 700 Prefit Precision Barrels - 6.5x47mm Lapua 1-10" Twist 26" Barrel

Have a Remington 700 that you're looking to re-barrel? Whether you've got a worn-out factory barrel or want a new caliber, changing out a Remington 700 barrel always meant a trip to the gunsmith, but those days are gone! Thanks to the International Barrels Pre-Fit Barrel System, you can perform the same barrel-change job safely and easily at home. Each International Barrels Pre-Fit Remington 700 pre-fit precision barrel is constructed with a barrel-nut system that can be threaded onto your action right at home. Once the barrel is threaded into place, simply check its positioning with a set of headspace gauges and then tighten the barrel nut down to its proper torque settings. Mfg: International BarrelsCheck price and Read more Detail At International Barrels

Brownells Ar-15/M16 Flash Suppressor Die - 5/8
Brownells Ar-15/M16 Flash Suppressor Die - 5/8"-24 Thread Cutting Die

A must when threading custom barrels or chasing threads on standard barrels. Use to make custom supressors or clean up existing factory threads. Custom-made to factory specs. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: High-speed steel. AR-15/M16 - .500"-28 thread, 1" dia. body. AR-10 - 5/8"-24 thread.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Lehigh Defense 30 Caliber (0.308
Lehigh Defense 30 Caliber (0.308") Match Solid Flash Tip Bt Bullets - 30 Caliber (0.308") 111gr Match Solid Flash Tip Bt 50/Box

This proprietary design includes a titanium tip for determining point of impact without revealing the shooter's position like traditional tracer technology would. This technology is now available to consumers. LeHigh has incorporated this Flash Tip technology with their Match Solid precision product line to give the long-range target shooter daylight-visible impacts at distances up to one mile. Hard surfaces of mudwalls, stone, steel, etc. are sufficient to generate the resulting flash. Each projectile is can be magazine-fed and was designed with a very high ballistic coefficient for superior accuracy at long distances. Mfg: Lehigh Defense, LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Lehigh Defense, Llc

Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 6
Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 6" (15.2cm) X 48" (121.3cm) Sanding Belt, 400 Grit

Tough, aluminum oxide grain, bonded to strong drill cloth with special, hi-temp Resinal. Gives excellent finish, resistant to dulling, runs cooler. Particularly suited for metal finishing. About "Compact Grain" Belts - Aluminum Oxide Belts in super-fine grit (like 600) are only available in what the maker calls "Compact Grain". This process layers grit in a special adhesive and greatly increases belt life. Compact grain belts are easily identified; they are ugly! The 600 grit belt shown looks like it should be a 60 grit but IT ISN'T. It really will give a 600 grit finish and will last extremely well. Resin bonded, aluminum oxide. Sold singly. Mfg: Vsm Abrasives CorporationCheck price and Read more Detail At Vsm Abrasives Corporation

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