Green Mountain Barrels

Green Mountain Barrels

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Novak 1911 Adjustable Rear Sights - Rear Sights, Pb Fits Colt
Novak 1911 Adjustable Rear Sights - Rear Sights, Pb Fits Colt

CNC-machined, steel, rear sight with Novak's famous, low-profile design and the added versatility of elevation and windage adjustments. Set screw allows drift adjustment for windage; elevation screw positively stops and audibly clicks for easy fine-tuning. Smooth, contoured edges have less chance of catching or snagging. Front sights are CNC-machined steel and mount in factory dovetail. Available in Plain Black for Colt and clones, Kimber, and SW1911 pistols. Mfg: Novak SPECS: CNC-machined steel, black, matte finish. Front (F) and Rear (R) sights available in Plain Black (PB), 2-Dot White (WD), 2-Dot Tritium (TR), and red or green 2-Dot Fiber Optic (FO). Rear Dimensions: 1" (2.54cm) long, ½" (13mm) high, ¾" (19mm) wide. Pistols withCheck price and Read more Detail At Novak

Talley Fixed Scope Rings - 1
Talley Fixed Scope Rings - 1" High Satin Blue Rings

Includes low-profile, button-head Torx screws for mounting applications where permanent scope mounting is preferred. Mfg: Talley SPECS: Steel, blue, satin finish or stainless steel (SS), natural finish. Models available for 1" or 30mm diameter scope tubes. Ring heights measured from top of base to bottom of ring. Low - .300" (7.62mm). Medium - .400" (10.16mm). High - .500" (12.7mm). X High - .600" (15.2mm). Fit Talley basesCheck price and Read more Detail At Talley

Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Kits - 1
Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Kits - 1" Scope Ring Lapping Tool

Unfortunately, all bases, rings, and actions are not manufactured in perfect alignment with each other. Whether you have a one-piece or two-piece base, the odds are against you that your rings will be in perfect alignment. Why chance putting your scope in a bind, whether it is a $200 scope or a $1000+ scope? The Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Tools are designed to correct the misalignment of scope rings. The Sinclair Scope Ring Lapping Tool is used to align the rings first and then to remove just enough metal from the scope ring bearing surface to fine tune the alignment. Misaligned rings actually cause your scope's main tube to bend, causing distortion and requiring you to use Mfg: Sinclair InternationalCheck price and Read more Detail At Sinclair International

Little Crow Gunworks Wft 2 Trimmer - Trim Chamber .300 Wsm
Little Crow Gunworks Wft 2 Trimmer - Trim Chamber .300 Wsm

The WFT 2 is the next generation of WFT trimmers. The two main improvements are the ability to trim up to 45 caliber and interchange trim chambers. The WFT 2 has a half inch shaft and requires a half inch chuck to drive it. The feature most customers asked for was the ability to interchange trim chambers. Instead of press fitting the trim chambers, like the original WFT, the trim chambers on the WFT 2 are a slight slip fit in bearing with a groove cut for an O-ring which creates a press fit. Changing out trim chambers is accomplished by removing the cutter and pushing out the trim chamber with the knock-out dowel that is provided. Installing the trim chamber is accomplished by setti Mfg: Little Crow Gunworks, Llc.Check price and Read more Detail At Little Crow Gunworks, Llc.

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