Glock Slim Frame 9mm And Holster For Glock 17l

Glock Slim Frame 9mm And Holster For Glock 17l

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Gradient Lens 17' Slim Hawkeye Borescope Kit - 17
Gradient Lens 17' Slim Hawkeye Borescope Kit - 17" Slim Borescope Kit

With the Hawkeye Shot Edition Slim Borescope Kit you can buy used guns or analyze the interior of your firearm with confidence. This precise diagnostic kit allows you to ensure that bores are clean and not eroded, which means you will shoot straight every time. This Slim Borescope Kit features all the pieces you will need to keep your guns clean and in proper working condition. Included in this kit is the Slim Borescope that has a 0-degree direction-of-view and 42-degree field-of-view. A rotating 90-degree direction-of-view is achieved by sliding the included Slim Mirror Tube onto the scope. The lightweight, yet durable mini Maglite provides ample light for close or reflective objects an Mfg: Gradient Lens SPECS: Kit includes shooting edition Hawkeye borescope with an outside diameter of .165 inches, slim mirror tube has outside diameter of .188 inches, mini Maglite includes two AA batteries, lockable black metal case with protective foam inside. Kit Includes: 17-inch slim HawCheck price and Read more Detail At Gradient Lens

J P Enterprises J-Point Mount - S&W M&P Slide Mount Adapter
J P Enterprises J-Point Mount - S&W M&P Slide Mount Adapter

Gives the J.P. J-Point, and the old Tasco Optima and Fire Point sights, the lowest possible mount for fast eye alignment and sight pickup. No machining required; fits the factory dovetail. Four locating studs lock sight to base. BM #1 fits slides cut for "melted-in" sight. S&W Revolver fits factory drilled and tapped guns. Sight & Shims available for J-Point Mount. Mfg: J P Enterprises SPECS: Aluminum, black anodized, matte finish.Check price and Read more Detail At J P Enterprises

Brownells "special Line" Dewey-Thread Bore Brush - 22 Caliber Centerfire Rifle Brush 12/Pack

Do away with the thread adapter; Special Line brushes thread right onto Dewey Coated rods. Eliminates the need to constantly change adapters; no more hunting for a misplaced adapter. Special Line brushes have the best phosphor bronze wire bristles for long life and thorough cleaning. A one-piece, looped and wound, brass shank and coupler prevents any chance of putting a scratch in that all-important barrel. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Bristles: Phosphor bronze. Shank: Brass, looped and wound. Rifle: 3½ (8.5cm) OAL. Pistol: 2-3⁄8 (6cm) OAL. Calibers .22 to 6.5mm have 8-36 female threads. Calibers .270 to .50BMG have 12-28 female threads.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Hornady Neck Wall Thickness Gauge
Hornady Neck Wall Thickness Gauge

This accessory to the Concentricity Tool offers the next step in ultra-precision reloading. Its .0005 increment dial indicator helps identify neck thickness variations so you can sort and measure case necks or verify your neck turning operation ultimately enhancing accuracy. (Concentricity Tool not included.) COMES WITH THESE TRIMMER PILOTS: 1- 22 cal | .224" 3- 6mm | .243" 4- 25 cal | .257" 5- 6.5mm | .264" 6- 270 cal | .277" 7- 7mm | .284" 9- 30 cal | .308" 13- 338 cal | .338" 15- 35 cal | .358" 19- 45 cal | .452" Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

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