Glock 43 Pro Connector

Glock 43 Pro Connector

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Western Powders Montana X-Treme
Western Powders Montana X-Treme "cowboy Blend" Lead & Powder Solvent - Cowboy Blend Solvent

Wipes out heavy leading caused by cast lead, cowboy bullets. Eats through caked-on powder fouling, cuts plastic wad residue, and quickly removes carbon buildup from the throat area. Works equally well to clean choke tubes and revolver cylinders. It's concentrated to work fast, so you have time to clean between stages. Mfg: Western Powders, Inc. SPECS: 20 fl. oz. (591 ml) bottle.Check price and Read more Detail At Western Powders, Inc.

Nosler Accubond 270 Caliber (0.277
Nosler Accubond 270 Caliber (0.277") Spitzer Bullets - 270 Caliber (0.277") 140gr Spitzer 50/Box

ACCUBOND 270 CALIBER (0.277") SPITZER BULLETS Mfg: Nosler, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At Nosler, Inc.

Knights Armament Ar-15 Combat Trigger Guard Assembly
Knights Armament Ar-15 Combat Trigger Guard Assembly

The KAC Combat Trigger Guard is enlarged for use with gloves or for shooters with large hands. It is compatible with most mil-spec AR-15 lower receivers, but may require slight fitting in some instances. Mfg: Knights ArmamentCheck price and Read more Detail At Knights Armament

Lee Precision Bullet Sizing Kit - 0.357
Lee Precision Bullet Sizing Kit - 0.357" Diameter Bullet Sizing Kit

Lee Bullet Sizing Kits are the fastest and easiest way to size cast bullets. Standard 7-8x14" threads fit any single stage reloading press. Bullets are pushed through the sizing die nose first, so no special nose punches are needed. Gas checks are automatically seated and crimped in place. Sized bullets are captured in the special container. Complete for one size. Press and bullet lubricant are sold separately. Special note: Intended for use on single stage presses only. The push through Punch is used in place of a Shell Holder in the Ram. Lee does not make top punches for molds. With the use of this kit, a top punch is not necessary. To crimp gas checks with the lube and Mfg: Lee PrecisionCheck price and Read more Detail At Lee Precision

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