Glock 19 Customization Parts

Glock 19 Customization Parts

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Pelican Protector Case - Pelican Model 1400 Case, 11-3/4
Pelican Protector Case - Pelican Model 1400 Case, 11-3/4"x8-3/4"x5-1/8"

Pelican's Protector Cases are virtually indestructible cases used to store and transport equipment that can be sensitive to damage. Excellent for transporting sights, optics, and other expensive gear. Pelican's unique Pick N' Pluck foam allows you to customize your box for your own needs. Each box features tongue and groove construction with a neoprene "O"-ring for a waterproof seal. A comfortable fold-down handle with stainless steel pins in the hinge and handle complete each Pelican box. Our most popular size for shooters is the #1120 Model. A great number of customers have requested a larger box for sight extension tubes, electronics, cameras, two-way ra Mfg: Pelican SPECS: 1120-Interior (l/w/d) 7.25" x 4.75" x 3.06", Exterior (l/w/d) 8.12" x 6.56" x 3.56", Weight 1.23 lbs (with foam) 1.17 lbs (w/o foam). 1200- Interior (l/w/d) 9.25" x 7.12" x 4.12", Exterior (l/w/d) 10.62" x 9.68" x&nbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Pelican

Hornady Rotary Media Sifter
Hornady Rotary Media Sifter

After you tumble your once-fired brass cases to a high shine, how do you separate your tumbling media from the cases themselves? Simple: grab the Hornady Rotary Media Sifter to separate the two components. After adding in your cartridge cases to the sifting drum, simply give the rotating handle a few turns and watch your corn-cob or steel-pin tumbling media fall to the bottom of the drum. A clear lid ensures that users can observe the process and know when their cartridges are clean and ready for loading. Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Brownells 308ar Brn-10 Retro 20
Brownells 308ar Brn-10 Retro 20" 308 Barrel With Fsb - Rn-10 308 20" Lightweight Barrel 1-10 4150 Fsb

Many AR aficionados love their AR-15 platforms and want to build retro models, but a little-known fact about the AR platform is that the earliest rifle models were actually AR-10 chambered in .308 Win. The Brownells Original Style BRN-10 308 AR Barrels are faithful reproduction of the barrels found on the first Armalite AR-10 rifles produced in the 1950s. The Brownells Original Style BRN-10 308 AR barrels are available in two different configurations never seen before on the retro reproduction market. The fluted model allows builders to construct repros of early test models provided to the U.S. Army in the late '50s, while the lightweight-profile model emulates the Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Aervoe-Pacific Co. Camo Paints - Camo Paint, Earth Brown
Aervoe-Pacific Co. Camo Paints - Camo Paint, Earth Brown

High pigment density, ideal for one-coat coverage of fiberglass stocks, shotguns, rifles, handguns, duck blinds, boats and more. Fast-drying enamel goes on easily; just remove all dirt, grease, oil or rust from surfaces first. Mfg: Aervoe-Pacific Co. Inc. SPECS: 12 fl. oz. (354.7ml) aerosol cans.Check price and Read more Detail At Aervoe-Pacific Co. Inc.

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