Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm Specs

Glock 17 Gen 4 9mm Specs

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Tacstar Brass Catcher
Tacstar Brass Catcher

How much time do shooter spend after a range session with their heads down, backs crouched over, looking for spent pieces of AR-15 brass? Whatever the number, the TacStar AR-15 Brass Catcher cuts that time to zero, enabling shooters to spend more time plinking and less time cleaning up. The TacStar AR-15 Brass Catcher uses a Picatinny-rail mounting apparatus that attaches easily to any flattop AR-15 without interfering with optics or other accessories. After shooting, the bag can be removed from the mount without undoing the rail assembly, enabling easy cleanup. Made from heat-resistant Nylon Holds up to 120 spent .223 Rem. shells Color: Black The TacStar AR Mfg: TacstarCheck price and Read more Detail At Tacstar

Marble Arms Rifle  Barrel Mounted 1/16
Marble Arms Rifle Barrel Mounted 1/16" 57-W Front Sight - .570" Barrel Mounted 1/16" 57-W Front Sight Brass Gold

Precision-made sights for rifles, both with and without ramp bases. The blade is gracefully contoured, sloping toward the front. Made of steel and nicely blued to look good on any gun. The BARREL MOUNTED FRONT SIGHT has rounded base sides for guns with the front sight dovetail cut directly into the barrel. "W" sights have a 17/32" (13.5mm) wide base. Barrel front sights are available with three beads, Pope's Island Gold, flat faced gold available in 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter. Ivory, flat faced white polymer in 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter. Mfg: Marble Arms SPECS: Steel, blue, polished finish. .620" (15mm) long. ORDERING: Select the sight height required using the Marbles and/or Williams charts and determine which Sight Style, Bead Type and Width is needed from the info above. Using the chart beside this copy, find the correct Marbles Sight andCheck price and Read more Detail At Marble Arms

Novak 1911 White Dot Rear Sights - Wd 1911/Comp Uses Front .185
Novak 1911 White Dot Rear Sights - Wd 1911/Comp Uses Front .185"-.200", Rear Blade .735"x.425"

Competition (Comp) plain, target style, undercut blade with protected notch. Hangs over the rear of the slide and extends sight radius for quicker, more precise sighting. Lo-Mount (LM) has an angled top surface with mitered edges that won't snag on holsters or clothes. Rebated blade fights glare. Wide Notch (WN) has enlarged, .140" notch to provide more light around the front sight for a clearer sight picture and faster target acquisition. Super Wide Notch (SWN) has .170" wide notch for even faster target acquisition; helps aging eyes see the front sight more easily. Mfg: NovakCheck price and Read more Detail At Novak

Daniel Defense Ar-15 Omega Rail Picatinny Quad Rail - Ar-15 7
Daniel Defense Ar-15 Omega Rail Picatinny Quad Rail - Ar-15 7" Omega Rail Picatinny Quad Rail Black

The Daniel Defense Omega Rail system is the most exciting rail system to hit the market in years! The Omega Rail is a free float rail system that allows the individual operator to easily install it with the provided Allen Wrench and requires ZERO modification to the weapon! The Omega Rail features an integral QD sling swivel mount, with rotation limiter, and an uninterrupted upper rail platform. This light weight rail system is meticulously CNC machined from Aircraft Grade Aluminum and is Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized. All the Omega Rail fasteners are military specification. The Omega Rail 7.0 is designed to work with carbine-length AR-15 gas systems and its Mfg: Daniel DefenseCheck price and Read more Detail At Daniel Defense

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