Genuine Glock 19 Magazines

Genuine Glock 19 Magazines

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Magpul Ak-47 1/4
Magpul Ak-47 1/4" Cheek Riser - 1/4" Cheek Riser Black Polymer

Tool-less clip-on cheek risers for the MOE AK and Zhukov-S Stocks. Gives the user the option to raise the cheek weld .25 inches in height. Will not interfere with storage access on MOE Stock or the folding mechanism on the Zhukov-S Stock. Mfg: MagpulCheck price and Read more Detail At Magpul

Smith & Wesson Center Pin, 3
Smith & Wesson Center Pin, 3" Barrel, Ss

CENTER PIN, 3" BARREL, SS Mfg: Smith & WessonCheck price and Read more Detail At Smith & Wesson

Browning Butt Stock Spacer
Browning Butt Stock Spacer

BUTT STOCK SPACER Mfg: BrowningCheck price and Read more Detail At Browning

Srm Arms Inc M1228 12 Gauge 28+1 Fde - M1228 12 Gauge
Srm Arms Inc M1228 12 Gauge 28+1 Fde - M1228 12 Gauge

In the company's never-ending quest to give shooters more shells in their shotguns, SRM Arms took advantage of several shortened shotshells on the market and developed a unique platform to shoot them. The resulting SRM Arms M1228 was designed with Aguila Minishells in mind and, thanks to the shotgun's unique rotary magazine, can hold an incredible 28 shotshells. To make the most out of this unique design, the SRM Arms M1228 features a re-engineered receiver and bolt sized to reliably feed and eject the shortened shotshells made by Aguila. The rotary magazine features four separate tubes that each hold seven of the shortened Minishells, giving the gun a total capacity of 28 ro Mfg: Srm Arms IncCheck price and Read more Detail At Srm Arms Inc

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