Geissele At Palmetto

Geissele At Palmetto

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Grovtec Us Rifle Sling Swivel Sets - 1
Grovtec Us Rifle Sling Swivel Sets - 1", Kit Incl Swivels W/Wood Screw Front Stud & Rear Stud

All-steel swivels are made in the U.S.A. and contain no plastic parts to crack and fail when you least expect it. Quick-detach feature allows you to use one sling for several rifles. Swivel attaches to mounting stud and locks down with knurled cylinder nut to prevent accidental opening. Available for 1" or 1¼" wide slings. Swivels are available in pairs with or without mounting studs. Model GTSW-23 uses a wood screw front stud, all other sets use a front stud with machine screw and nut or specific hardware for attaching to a magazine tube or barrel. Mfg: Grovtec Us, Inc. SPECS: Steel, blued, matte finish.Check price and Read more Detail At Grovtec Us, Inc.

Brownells Quick-Set Latigo Sling - Matte Black 1 1/4
Brownells Quick-Set Latigo Sling - Matte Black 1 1/4" Sling W/Qd Swivel

PULL DOWN - SNAP OUT and the Brownell LATIGO Sling is ready for action. Faster than it takes you to drop to the ground into a shooting position. So quick that the Pull Down - Snap Out can be done during the time you are throwing the gun to your shoulder AFTER sighting your game ... never missing a beat. Simply stating fact, the Brownell LATIGO Sling is the first sling ever offered shooters that does not require an assortment of hooks, laces or gimmicks to give you quick, positive setting of any length sling desired. Nothing to fumble with in cold weather, nothing you have to stop and figure out each time you want to change length. And, once you set the LATIGO Sling to the length you want Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Natural tan, black matte or black gloss color, 1" (2.5cm) and 1¼" (31.8mm) wide.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Creative Arms Ar-15 Low Profile Gas Block - Ar-15 .750 Gas Block
Creative Arms Ar-15 Low Profile Gas Block - Ar-15 .750 Gas Block

Perfect for any rail system, these low profile gas blocks are the ideal companion for barrels with a standard diameter gas journal. Made from 4140 high-strength steel, all Creative Arms gas blocks feature a black Ultra Ox nitride corrosion resistant finish. The gas block clamps on to the barrel using 2 allen screws on the bottom of the block. Creative Arms highly recommends the use of high temp Loc-Tite, Rock Set or similar thread-locking compounds. Gas blocks will get very hot, so pick a compound according to your intended use of the firearm. Mfg: Creative Arms LlcCheck price and Read more Detail At Creative Arms Llc

Ruger Magazine Box
Ruger Magazine Box

FITS: M-77 MK II Standard, .243, .308; M-77 MK II Ultra Light, .243, .308; M-77 MK II Varmint/Target, .243, .308; M-77 MK II All-Weather, Sporter, .243, .308 Mfg: RugerCheck price and Read more Detail At Ruger

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