Buffer Tube Kit

Buffer Tube Kit

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Brownells "original" Stock Rubbing Compound - Rubbing Compound 4 Oz.

Strongly recommended for new finishes to rub and blend all those high "shine" and "dull" flat spots into one superb master- quality finish; and for rejuvenating an old gunstock which has a good, original finish underneath the grime and light scratches. The results of either project can only be described as dramatic! Apply with Sheet Felt Pads. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: 4 fl. oz. (118.2mL) or 16 fl. oz. (473mL) (pint) net contents.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Mossberg Hammer
Mossberg Hammer

Mfg: MossbergCheck price and Read more Detail At Mossberg

Henry Singleshot 45-70 Bl/Wd 22
Henry Singleshot 45-70 Bl/Wd 22"

Designed to provide hunters and shooters with a confidence-inducing, safety-oriented single-shot rifle with the quality and provenance from a known and trusted manufacturer, the Henry Repeating Arms Singleshot rifle is purpose-built for range or field use. The Henry Repeating Arms Singleshot rifle is equipped with a round barrel topped by the company's classic buckhorn and brass-bead sights. Additionally, the rifle is drilled and tapped at the factory for optics attachments. For added safety, the gun uses a rebounding hammer that requires a deliberate trigger pull to actuate, and the built-in interlock system doesn't allow the barrel to open or close while the hammer is cocke Mfg: Henry Repeating ArmsCheck price and Read more Detail At Henry Repeating Arms

Tcs O-Ring Cleaning Jags - .284/7mm Cleaning Jag
Tcs O-Ring Cleaning Jags - .284/7mm Cleaning Jag

Solid aluminum jags with rubber O-rings are ideal for cleaning the bore of your gun without worrying about damaging the rifling. O-rings press patch firmly into bore surface for efficient cleaning action on powder, lead, copper, and plastic fouling. For use with patches, steel wool, and bronze wool. Shotgun and Black Powder jags are color coded; Rifle/Handgun jags are numbered for easy identification. In order to use TCS Manufacturing jags, you must use round patches that are .015" thick. Mfg: Tcs SPECS: Aluminum or brass with rubber O-rings. Male threads, 8-32 tpi, except .50 BP is 10-32 tpi male. Shotgun - Anodized, red (12 gauge), blue (20 gauge), and green (28 gauge). 5⁄16" -27 tpi male. Rifle/Handgun - Polished finish except .50 cal. Black Powder (BP) is anodized yellow.Check price and Read more Detail At Tcs

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