Brownells Magazine Corkscrew Tool

Brownells Magazine Corkscrew Tool

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Baldor Buffers - 1 Hp 1800 Rpm 7/8
Baldor Buffers - 1 Hp 1800 Rpm 7/8" Arbor, 30" Shaft-Extends 7 3/16"

Heavy-duty, U.S. Made, construction stands up to the toughest shop use. We recommend the one-horsepower 1800 rpm motor for the gun refinisher. Add the heavy Buffer Pedestal shown below for the ideal setup. All single phase Baldor Buffers come internally wired for 115 Volt, 60 cycle.- Easily changed over to 230 Volt (except ¼ hp.). NOTE: Cord and Plug NOT included. Mfg: Baldor Electric SPECS: METRIC: ½" (12.7mm), ¾" (10.9mm), 7⁄8" (22.2mm), 2-5⁄8" (6.7cm), 6-3⁄8" (16cm), 7-3⁄16" (18cm), 16-1⁄8"(41cm), 27" (68.6cm), 30" (76cm).Check price and Read more Detail At Baldor Electric

Brownells Magna-Tip Bits - Bit #185-5, Sd=7/32
Brownells Magna-Tip Bits - Bit #185-5, Sd=7/32" Allen

With Brownells MAGNA-TIP screwdriver, it is now possible for the gunsmith and firearms hobbyist to have a close fit in most any gun screw he will encounter - and darn near everything around the house and garage too.DESIGN OF BITSThe TRUE hollow-ground bit transmits all the energy of twist (torque) evenly and smoothly, up the shank of the bit. Not only does hollow grinding permit this power transfer, it also gives complete metal-to-metal contact between the tip of the bit and the entire screw slot. Thus, maximum power can be exerted as in a finely tapered gun spring.So-called "hollow-ground" screwdrivers which have been dubbed off square, result in all torque pressures con Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Brownells M16 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group Tin Mp - M16 Bolt Carrier Group 5.56x45mm Titanium Nitride
Brownells M16 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group Tin Mp - M16 Bolt Carrier Group 5.56x45mm Titanium Nitride

Adding aftermarket components to an AR-15 doesn't have to be about practicality and utilitarianism. Sometimes, the look of a finished rifle plays into the selection of components. Get an eye-catching design in your rifle with the addition of the Brownells TiN M16 Bolt Carrier Group. The Brownells TiN M16 Bolt Carrier Group provides AR owners with both rugged durability and an incredibly stunning look, thanks to the bright gold titanium-nitride finish used on the surface of the carrier and bolt. The carrier is made using 8620 tool steel, while the bolt head is machined from durable 9310 tool steel. The bolt is magnetic-particle inspected to ensure that consumers get the best-possi Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Kick-Eez Rifle Stock Spacer - 1/8
Kick-Eez Rifle Stock Spacer - 1/8" Stock Spacer Black Plastic

Fashioned from durable black polymer, these spacers sand and polish to a high quality finish. Slotted mounting holes make it easy to match most screw locations for ease of fitting. Three spacer sizes allow custom tailoring for length of pull. Adds a nice final touch to recoil pad installations. Mfg: Kick-Eez SPECS: Black polymer plastic. 2.25" (5.7cm) wide, 5.8" (14.8cm) long. Hole spacing: 2.6" (6.7cm) min., 3.6" (9.3cm) max. 1/8" (3.17mm), " (6.35mm) and " (12.7mm) thick.Check price and Read more Detail At Kick-Eez

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