Bravo Company 266 Quartermaster

Bravo Company 266 Quartermaster

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Pachmayr Sc100 Decelerator Recoil Pad - .8
Pachmayr Sc100 Decelerator Recoil Pad - .8" Large Black Leather Face

A 752-style pad with Decelerator material to soak up recoil, and a hard insert at the heel to slide smoothly over clothing. Mfg: Pachmayr SPECS: Small, 1.68" (4.3cm) x 5.30" (13.5cm); Medium, 1.80" (4.6cm) x 5.50" (14cm); Large, 1.92" (4.9cm) x 5.75" (14.6cm). .8" = 20.3mm, 1" = 2.54cm.Check price and Read more Detail At Pachmayr

Manson Precision
Manson Precision "back Bore" Reamer - .740" 12 Ga. Reamer

High-quality reamer made by Dave Manson. Lets you easily add some choke constriction to a shortened or standard length barrel without threading or altering the actual choke. Just stop reaming 2" to 3" short of the muzzle and the difference in diameter between the bore and the muzzle is the degree of choke. Tightens chokes on barrels that are too thin for screw-in tubes. Plus, full-length back boring can restore the interior surface of rusted and pitted barrels to "like new" far more quickly than polishing or stoning. Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: M7 high speed steel. 5" (12.7cm) long with eight straight flutes. 12 gauge only.Check price and Read more Detail At Manson Precision

Vortex Optics Defender Flip Cap Lens Covers - 44mm Objective Flip Caps (1.89
Vortex Optics Defender Flip Cap Lens Covers - 44mm Objective Flip Caps (1.89"-2.08" Diameter)

DEFENDER FLIP CAP EYEPIECE Virtually indestructible, these caps will fit snugly on nearly all Vortex Optics and features a snap flat spring that will keep your line of sight unobstructed. Rifle ranges the world over are littered with broken flip caps. This is one cap you will most likely never see in a flip cap boneyard. The Eyepiece cap has three stop positions. The first vertical, to put your dope disk (optional accessory) literally right in your face. The second at a 45° and the third at 90° to lay flat back. The Eyepiece cap fits all Vortex Riflescopes except the 1-inch tube Viper model VPR-M-01BDC, VPR-M-04BDC and VPR-M-03BDC. Mfg: Vortex OpticsCheck price and Read more Detail At Vortex Optics

Wilson Combat 10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Mount - 10/2 Quick-Detach Swivel Mount
Wilson Combat 10/2 Quick Detach Swivel Mount - 10/2 Quick-Detach Swivel Mount

Ultra-low-profile steel mount clamps to Picatinny handguard rail at the 10 or 2 o'clock position to accept a pushbutton quick-detach sling swivel. Only ½" long front to back, the 10/2 takes up only one rail slot, leaving plenty of rail space for other critical equipment. Can be mounted on side or top rails, positioned to help tilt the weapon so it stays slung close to the body. Accepts standard pushbutton QD sling swivels, and allows unlimited sling rotation for a full range of movement. Easy to install-just clamp it on the rail and tighten the steel crossbolt with the included Allen wrench. Mfg: Wilson Combat SPECS: Steel, black finish. 17⁄8" (4.8cm) wide, ½" long. .9 oz. (26g) wt. Clamps to any MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail cross-slot.Check price and Read more Detail At Wilson Combat

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