Black Shotgun Shell Empty

Black Shotgun Shell Empty

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Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 4
Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 4" (10cm) X 36" (91cm) Sanding Belt, 320 Grit

Tough, aluminum oxide grain, bonded to strong drill cloth with special, hi-temp Resinal. Gives excellent finish, resistant to dulling, runs cooler. Particularly suited for metal finishing. About "Compact Grain" Belts - Aluminum Oxide Belts in super-fine grit (like 600) are only available in what the maker calls "Compact Grain". This process layers grit in a special adhesive and greatly increases belt life. Compact grain belts are easily identified; they are ugly! The 600 grit belt shown looks like it should be a 60 grit but IT ISN'T. It really will give a 600 grit finish and will last extremely well. Resin bonded, aluminum oxide. Sold singly. Mfg: Vsm Abrasives CorporationCheck price and Read more Detail At Vsm Abrasives Corporation

Little Skeeters Mini-Tube Gauge Reducers - 12-20 Ga.
Little Skeeters Mini-Tube Gauge Reducers - 12-20 Ga.

Get the advantages of less expensive ammo and softer recoil when you convert your favorite shotgun to a smaller gauge. Precision-machined, aluminum sleeves reduce your chamber diameter so you can shoot several gauges from a single shotgun. Reduced recoil and report make them the perfect instructional tool for new shooters and when training bird dogs. Target shoot or hunt small game with the gun you're most comfortable with; no need to switch back and forth and lose your shooting rhythm. For use with target loads in over and under, side-by-side and single-barrel shotguns. Sold in pairs only. Not for use with steel shot or slugs. Mfg: Little Skeeters, Llc SPECS: Aluminum, anodized finish. For use with 2¾" chambers and longer (2½" or longer in .410).Check price and Read more Detail At Little Skeeters, Llc

Brownells Ar-15 A1 Ejection Port Cover Assembly
Brownells Ar-15 A1 Ejection Port Cover Assembly

Our Brownells A1 Ejection Port Cover is an accurately detailed replica of the cover used on M16A1 and earlier rifles - basically the Vietnam Era guns. Unlike the standard A2 cover still in use today, the A1 has a smaller, rectangular finger pad with crisp 90 degree edges. On the inner side, an early-style hexagonal housing retains the catch detent and spring, rather than the simpler, easier to manufacture cylindrical housing of the A2 cover. Aside from these physical details, the Brownells A1 Ejection Port Cover operates and installs just like the covers on modern-day rifles. It's made of stamped steel (not plastic - of course!), with a classic matte dark gray Parkerized finish t Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Tandemkross "cornerstone" Safety Thumb Ledge For Keltec Pmr30/Cmr30/Cp33 - Cornerstone Safety Thumb Ledge Keltec Pmr/Cmr-30 Black

At a glance Oversized 1911-style safety ledge Simplified safety manipulation Improves hand placement for a better grip Whether you're a competitive shooter working to improve your speed and accuracy or a weekend plinker looking for better control over your pistol, a strong, proper grip is key. The "CornerStone" Safety Thumb Ledge from TANDEMKROSS is the ideal upgrade to boost your control! Made from anodized aluminum for long lasting durability. The oversized, 1911-style safety ledge, enhances the external factory safety. This drop-in part is easy to install and does not change the internal components of the gun. With an easily identifia Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

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