Bipod Hunting Rifle Fallout 4

Bipod Hunting Rifle Fallout 4

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Blackhawk Ar-15 Strike Double Mag Pouch Holds 4 - Strike  Dble Mag Pouch Holds 4 - Black
Blackhawk Ar-15 Strike Double Mag Pouch Holds 4 - Strike Dble Mag Pouch Holds 4 - Black

The Strike AR-15 4-Mag Pouch from Blackhawk holds four USGI-size 30-round magazines in two separate pockets. Lets you have four loaded mags at the ready while sacrificing the belt or pack space normally taken up by only two. Hook and loop fabric closures on the Blackhawk Strike AR-15 4-Mag Pouch protects your mags from the element and won't come open until you are ready. Versatile mag pouch ready in any situation Hook-and-loop flap closure holds mags securely in the pouch and protects them from debris and dirt Grommets in the bottom ensure fast drainage of water if pouch gets submerged Constructed of tough 500 denier nylon fabric, the Strike AR-15 4-Mag Pou Mfg: BlackhawkCheck price and Read more Detail At Blackhawk

Tandemkross "cornerstone" Safety Thumb Ledge For Sw22 Victory - Cornerstone Safety Thumb Ledge Sw22 Victory Black

At a glance: Prevents accidental safety engagement while shooting Oversized, 1911-style safety ledge Improves hand placement for better grip, control If you've used an SW22 Victory in competition or for fun, chances are you've accidentally engaged the safety while shooting. The placement of the safety ledge means it's easy to bump while shooting, especially if you're using an aftermarket SW22 grip. Luckily, TANDEMKROSS has engineered a solution! Introducing the "Cornerstone" Safety Thumb Ledge for SW22 Victory - the ultimate upgrade for SW22 owners looking to improve their hand placement a Mfg: TandemkrossCheck price and Read more Detail At Tandemkross

Manson Precision Tru-Choke-Style Tooling - 20 Gauge Reamer
Manson Precision Tru-Choke-Style Tooling - 20 Gauge Reamer

A quick and easy method to install choke tubes using a lathe (can be done by hand, however, a lathe gives superior results). Tap and reamer are precision ground from high speed steel and use the same interchangeable pilot bushings. Reamer has an enhanced end relief that provides a faster cut. Pilot bushings are available in diameter increments of .001", and are 2" long for accurate bore alignment. Factory instructions are included. Note: Read and understand the installation requirements before proceeding. For best results, remove any existing choke with the Angle Blade Expanding Choke Reamer prior to using the Loon Lake Choke reamer. Click here for proper installation requiremen Mfg: Manson Precision SPECS: 12 Gauge has .795"-44 tpi. Accepts standard (not thinwall) Tru-Choke tubes. 20 gauge has .675"-44 tpi.Check price and Read more Detail At Manson Precision

Barnes Triple Shock X Bullets - 338 Caliber (0.338
Barnes Triple Shock X Bullets - 338 Caliber (0.338") 225gr Flat Base 50/Box

This lead-free, 100% copper-constructed bullet provides extreme penetration every time. Typically, this premium hunting bullet retains 100% of its original weight even after smashing through dense tissue and heavy bone. The Triple - Shock bullet design incorporates a series of precisely positioned rings cut into the bullet's body. These grooves relieve firing pressure, allowing the TSX to be safely loaded to higher velocities while reducing copper fouling. The bonus is that this is one of the most accurate hunting bullets you can buy. Mfg: Barnes BulletsCheck price and Read more Detail At Barnes Bullets

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