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Best Rifle Making Company

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Smith & Alexander 1911
Smith & Alexander 1911 "e-Z Fit Hi-Grip" Beavertail Safety - Series 70, Palmswell Hi-Grip Safety, S/S

Curved shape drops the pistol deeper into the hand and lowers the line of sight for less felt recoil and a faster pointing gun. Wide beavertail shape prevents the hammer from "bit-ing" the web of the hand. Palmswell model fea- tures a raised pad that maintains constant hand contact for the shooter using a high thumb hold. Mfg: Smith & Alexander SPECS: Steel, matte BLUE or satin stainless (S/S). .866" (22mm) from rear of hole to tip. Available Standard or Palmswell. Series 70 or 80. .250" radius requires alteration to frame.Check price and Read more Detail At Smith & Alexander

Gemtech Tundra & Blackside Suppressors - Tundra 9mm Suppressor M13.5x1 Lh
Gemtech Tundra & Blackside Suppressors - Tundra 9mm Suppressor M13.5x1 Lh

The Tundra is a dry suppressor, but can also be used with a small amount of coolant for even greater flash and sound reduction. Its light weight and relatively small size makes for a pleasant, accurate shooting experience as compared to nose-heavy suppressors. Dry, it outperforms most of the existing 9mm suppressors of comparable size. Available for 1/2-28 or Metric 13.5x1 LH threads. The Blackside is the Tundra's bigger brother, suited for .40 S&W and 45 ACP pistols. The Blackside is available in .578-28 or Metric 16x1 LH, for fitment on a wide variety of pistols. Mfg: Gemtech SPECS: Tundra 9mm Silencer 1/2-28- Caliber - 9mm. Weight - 8.5oz. Length - 7.2". Diameter - 1.5". Materials - 7075 aluminum. Finish - Matte black Cerakote with reduced visual-IR signature. Attachment - Direct thread, 1/2-28. Reduction - 32.9dB. Tundra 9mm Silencer M13.5x1 LH- Caliber -Check price and Read more Detail At Gemtech

Brownells Shotgun Barrel Polishing Flex Hone - Flex Hone 16 Gauge Med. Bore
Brownells Shotgun Barrel Polishing Flex Hone - Flex Hone 16 Gauge Med. Bore

Hundreds of abrasive "balls" mounted on a flexible shaft - the fastest, easiest way we've come across to clean and polish older barrels or put a mirror polish in new ones. For used barrels, the Medium-Coarse hone, followed by the Fine, removes rough and tight spots and brings the bore to a bright finish that you can see and feel . . . just run a patch through it before and after; the difference is amazing! We found too, that we could feel tight spots during honing and spend extra time on them until they were evened out. On new barrels, the Fine hone by itself will bring the factory finish up to a beautiful, mirror-bright finish that's a real customer pleaser. Easy to use Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Flex Hone for Barrels; 10, 12, 16, 20 ga., .410 bore. 33" (83.8cm) long in Med.-Coarse grit (red tip) or Fine grit (light blue tip). Flex Hone for Chambers; 10, 12, 16, 20 ga., .410 bore 12" (6.5cm) long, fine grit (light blue only). Set includes Med.-Coarse & FineCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Brownells Barrel Threading Lathe Bits - 1/4
Brownells Barrel Threading Lathe Bits - 1/4" Threading Bit,Square

Square Thread Bits cut true 10 tpi, square, barrel threads for '03 Springfields and Enfields. 55° Threading Bits have offset cutter and are the correct bit when threading barrels for 98 Mausers. 60° Threading Bits have cutter offset to left for closest cut possible. All types have clearance cuts. Mfg: Brownells SPECS: ¼" (6.3mm), 5/16" (7.9mm), 3/8" (9.5mm) square. ¼" (6.3mm) and 5/16" (7.9mm) approximately 2½" (6.4cm) long; 3/8" (9.5mm) approximately 3" (7.6cm) long.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

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