Best First 308 Rifle

Best First 308 Rifle

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Grace Usa Gun Care Tool Set
Grace Usa Gun Care Tool Set

Never get caught without essential gunsmithing tools again. Complete 17-piece tool set, in a handy, padded, vinyl case, carries easily to the range; lies flat on the bench. Contains the tools you need for quick field repairs: eight, fixed blade screwdrivers with parallel ground tips fit most gun screws; eight, non-marring brass pin punches and an 8 ounce brass hammer help provide safe removal and installation of the most commonly found assembly pins. Mfg: Grace Usa SPECS: Case - vinyl, black. 81/2" (21.6cm) x 11" (28cm). Hammer - 8 oz. (226 g), 1" (2.5cm) dia. x 2" (5.1cm) long head, 91/4" (23.5cm) hickory handle. Punches - brass, 5/16" hex stock, parallel shaft. 1/16", 3/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 7/32&qCheck price and Read more Detail At Grace Usa

Ruger Ejector, Short Action, Blue
Ruger Ejector, Short Action, Blue

FITS: M-77 MK II Standard, 7.62 x 39, 6 PPC, 22 PPC Mfg: RugerCheck price and Read more Detail At Ruger

Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Short Length - 5s .2055
Triumph Twist Drill Wire Gauge Drills - Short Length - 5s .2055"

A heavy-duty drill can make all the difference in the world in your work. The extra engineering and care in manufacture will help you to drill cleaner, more accurate holes, and many more of them at that. All the Drills we carry, Sets, Individuals, Jobber Length and Short Length, are made from High Speed Steel with a 135° self-centering point. Special point and surface treatments (Maxi-Set not treated) give easier, more wear-resistant drilling of the tough steels encountered in the gun shop. Mfg: Triumph Twist Drill Co. SPECS: High speed steel.Check price and Read more Detail At Triumph Twist Drill Co.

Kart Precision Barrel 1911 Precision Quality Barrel - 5
Kart Precision Barrel 1911 Precision Quality Barrel - 5" Kart 1911 Auto Barrel, .45 Acp W/N

Forged from ordnance steel to strict, national match specs; rifled by a proprietary technique that holds lands and grooves to exceptionally close tolerances and leaves the surface finish mirror smooth. Air gauged to maintain .0002" tolerance through the bore. Feed ramps are throated for wadcutter ammo. Standard Barrel - Non-ramped, oversize hood, top and bottom lugs to achieve an exact fit for optimum match accuracy. Ramped Barrel - Fully supports the case head; gives direct feeding from magazine to chamber. Requires machining of frame. Gunsmithing fitting required. Std - Standard barrel, non-ramped. W/N - Wilson/Nowlin Ramp. C/P - Clark/Para Ordnance Ramp Mfg: Kart Precision Barrel SPECS: 4150 ordnance steel, in-the-white. Available in 5" (12.7cm), 6" (15.2cm), or Commander 4.25" (10.8cm) lengths.Check price and Read more Detail At Kart Precision Barrel

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