Beretta 92 - Brownells Italia

Beretta 92 - Brownells Italia

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Marble Arms Rifle  Barrel Mounted 1/16
Marble Arms Rifle Barrel Mounted 1/16" 57-W Front Sight - .570" Barrel Mounted 1/16" 57-W Front Sight Brass Gold

Precision-made sights for rifles, both with and without ramp bases. The blade is gracefully contoured, sloping toward the front. Made of steel and nicely blued to look good on any gun. The BARREL MOUNTED FRONT SIGHT has rounded base sides for guns with the front sight dovetail cut directly into the barrel. "W" sights have a 17/32" (13.5mm) wide base. Barrel front sights are available with three beads, Pope's Island Gold, flat faced gold available in 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter. Ivory, flat faced white polymer in 1/16" (1.6mm) diameter. Mfg: Marble Arms SPECS: Steel, blue, polished finish. .620" (15mm) long. ORDERING: Select the sight height required using the Marbles and/or Williams charts and determine which Sight Style, Bead Type and Width is needed from the info above. Using the chart beside this copy, find the correct Marbles Sight andCheck price and Read more Detail At Marble Arms

L.E. Wilson Chamber Type Bullet Seater Dies - 257 Ackley Improved Bullet Seating Die
L.E. Wilson Chamber Type Bullet Seater Dies - 257 Ackley Improved Bullet Seating Die

The Wilson chamber type bullet seater is a favorite among benchrest shooters. A chamber type bullet seater positively controls both bullet and cartridge case alignment. The case and bullet are completely captured by the die prior to the bullet being pushed straight into the case by a close-fitting seating stem. This style of bullet seater works more accurately than a conventional 7/8 inch to 14 bullet seating die. This is one of the most accurate bullet seaters ever made! Mfg: L.E. Wilson, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At L.E. Wilson, Inc.

Hornady Interlock 7mm (0.284
Hornady Interlock 7mm (0.284") Sst Bullets - 7mm (0.284") 162gr Sst 100/Box

INTERLOCK 7MM (0.284") SST BULLETS Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Leupold Lrw 1
Leupold Lrw 1" Scope Rings - 1in. High Rings Matte Black

Leupold LRW 1" Rings are made from Strike Forged Steel for maximum durability. They fit Weaver-style bases and lock your optic securely to the firearm for years of trouble-free use. CNC machining ensures tight tolerances and a perfect fit Anti-slip grooves in the rings eliminate the need for lapping Nylok ring screws won't back out under vibration or heavy recoil Leupold LRW 1" Rings offer Leupold quality and durability with the convenience of Weaver-style rings. They're built to withstand lots of punishment and keep your rifle zeroed. Mfg: LeupoldCheck price and Read more Detail At Leupold

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