Battlefield 4 Rifle Calibers

Battlefield 4 Rifle Calibers

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Smith & Alexander Semi-Auto Engraved Grip Screws - Blue 1911 Engraved Screws
Smith & Alexander Semi-Auto Engraved Grip Screws - Blue 1911 Engraved Screws

Hand engraved, polished and blued screws with an attractive floral pattern that provides a distinctive, custom look to 1911 Autos and Para-Ordnance pistols. Hex head "slot" blends into the engraving pattern, plus reduces the possibility of slot damage. Blue or Stainless finish compliments the finest exotic wood grips. Mfg: Smith & Alexander SPECS: Steel, polished blue finish or Stainless Steel (S/S) matte finish. Four per pack.Check price and Read more Detail At Smith & Alexander

Aero Precision Oem Mid-Length 16
Aero Precision Oem Mid-Length 16" Rifle - 5.56mm Nato Oem Mid-Length 16" Rifle

This fully-assembled, nearly-complete, Brownells-exclusive rifle from Aero Precision is constructed using second-to-none components to ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability, while leaving off the handguard and buttstock saving you money to buy the accessories you want! Build your Dream AR-15 from this high quality custom rifle platform without wasting money on components you don't want. Simply choose the free-float handguard that fits your needs, sights, and a mil-spec buttstock, snap them on and head to the range. Shop mil-spec barrel nut compatible free-float handguards M4 Aero Precision Upper Receiver Mid-Length Gas & Barrel System Id Mfg: Aero Precision SPECS: Receivers Forged 7075 T6 Aluminum Receivers. Gen2 Lower Receiver includes flared magazine well and upper tension screw to remove upper/lower play. Finish Matte black hard anodized. Bolt Carrier Group Carpenter 158 Bolt, 8620 Carrier and mil-spec compCheck price and Read more Detail At Aero Precision

Marble Arms Rifle  Standard Post - Rifle  Standard Post .463
Marble Arms Rifle Standard Post - Rifle Standard Post .463" Black

The Improved Tang Sight's quick-release post system makes it easy to replace the post that came with your sight with a higher or lower one for targeting at different ranges.Choose a lower post for close-in targets or a taller post for longer ranges. Post height is also click adjustable for fine-tuning when sighting in; each click represents ¼" of adjustment at 100 yards. A jam nut locks the elevation, so you can remove and reinstall a post without losing settings. Mfg: Marble Arms SPECS: Steel, blued. Heights measured from base of post to center of aperture. Standard - 1.341" to 1.876 height adjustment range. 1/2" aperture disc with .055" peep.Check price and Read more Detail At Marble Arms

Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 1
Vsm Abrasives Corporation Sanding Belts - 1" (2.5cm) X 30" (76cm) Sanding Belt, 320 Grit

Tough, aluminum oxide grain, bonded to strong drill cloth with special, hi-temp Resinal. Gives excellent finish, resistant to dulling, runs cooler. Particularly suited for metal finishing. About "Compact Grain" Belts - Aluminum Oxide Belts in super-fine grit (like 600) are only available in what the maker calls "Compact Grain". This process layers grit in a special adhesive and greatly increases belt life. Compact grain belts are easily identified; they are ugly! The 600 grit belt shown looks like it should be a 60 grit but IT ISN'T. It really will give a 600 grit finish and will last extremely well. Resin bonded, aluminum oxide. Sold singly. Mfg: Vsm Abrasives CorporationCheck price and Read more Detail At Vsm Abrasives Corporation

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