Assault Rifle Uk Law

Assault Rifle Uk Law

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Brownells Water Hardening Drill Rod - 1/4
Brownells Water Hardening Drill Rod - 1/4" Gauge, .2500 Dec. Equiv., Round

One of the remarkable features of these tool steels is the low draw temperature to achieve maximum torsion impact strength. Most drawing can be done in a kitchen oven! Or you can easily make a small and efficient draw furnace on your bench using furnace brick, a simple heat element and a kitchen oven heat control. Draw all steel shown one hour.W-1 WATER HARDENING DRILL RODCarbon - 1.00% Manganese - .40% Silicon - .20% A fine-grained, commercial quality steel, W-1 can be used for tools, parts, dies or punches which require great hardness and a tough inner core for maximum strength. The sizes we carry should meet 99% of all requirements for pins in guns Mfg: Brownells SPECS: Rods are 18" in length.Check price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Apex Tactical Specialties Inc M&P Spring Kits - Duty/Carry Spring Kit
Apex Tactical Specialties Inc M&P Spring Kits - Duty/Carry Spring Kit

Drop-in replacements for factory components enhance reliability and optimize the performance of your M&P for different applications. Same springs found in the Action Enhancement Kits can be used as high-quality replacements for worn or tired factory springs. Duty/Carry Spring Kit includes a trigger return spring, a slave pin to aid in installing the return spring and one sear spring. Competition Spring Kit adds a competition striker spring and gives a 3 lb. trigger pull when used with the Hard Sear and Ultimate Striker Kit. Mfg: Apex Tactical Specialties Inc SPECS: Fits all M&P pistols, recent and older manufacture. Will not fit pistols adapted for sale in Massachusetts.Check price and Read more Detail At Apex Tactical Specialties Inc

Lyman E-Zee Trimmer - Lyman
Lyman E-Zee Trimmer - Lyman "e-Zee" Trim Pilot - .40 S&W

Lyman Introduces a case trimming system for the reloader interested in economy or prefering to have an individual precision hand system for each caliber. The EZEE TRIM case trimming system allows the user to trim cases by hand or with a power attachment (included) to precise pre-set length. The trimmer comes with a case locking device, cutter, trim-to length pilot, cutterhead and both hand and power trimming adapters. The trimmer works with any standard shell holder including Lyman, redding, RCBS, Hornady and Lee Precision. Assembles in seconds and you are ready to trim cases. The EZEE-TRIM system comes in three practical variations. EZEE TRIM Rifle set- Includes hand trimmer, power adapt Mfg: LymanCheck price and Read more Detail At Lyman

Redding Full Length Die Sets - Full Length Die Set 338 Marlin Express
Redding Full Length Die Sets - Full Length Die Set 338 Marlin Express

The Redding FL Die Sets include the full length (FL) sizing die and the standard seating die. When ordering please give us the Full Length Die Set number. Mfg: ReddingCheck price and Read more Detail At Redding

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