Ar10 Magpul Rifle Stock

Ar10 Magpul Rifle Stock

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Brownells Magna-Tip Bits - Bit #185-5, Sd=7/32
Brownells Magna-Tip Bits - Bit #185-5, Sd=7/32" Allen

With Brownells MAGNA-TIP screwdriver, it is now possible for the gunsmith and firearms hobbyist to have a close fit in most any gun screw he will encounter - and darn near everything around the house and garage too.DESIGN OF BITSThe TRUE hollow-ground bit transmits all the energy of twist (torque) evenly and smoothly, up the shank of the bit. Not only does hollow grinding permit this power transfer, it also gives complete metal-to-metal contact between the tip of the bit and the entire screw slot. Thus, maximum power can be exerted as in a finely tapered gun spring.So-called "hollow-ground" screwdrivers which have been dubbed off square, result in all torque pressures con Mfg: BrownellsCheck price and Read more Detail At Brownells

Hornady Gmx 6.5mm (0.264
Hornady Gmx 6.5mm (0.264") Bullets - 6.5mm (0.264") 120gr Gmx 50/Box

By combining the technologies of the GMX and FTX bullet design, the MonoFlex bullet gives lever gun shooters another option. Constructed of a copper alloy, MonoFlex bullets offer hunters a solid that won't separate, and when recovered, retains 95% of its original weight. Copper alloy differs from solid copper in that it is harder, tougher and does not foul or increase pressure the way solid copper bullets do. Upon impact, the patented Flex Tip design initiates immediate expansion, even at the lower velocities often encountered in mid to long range lever gun shooting situations. Its deep penetration and high weight retention combine to produce yet another Mfg: HornadyCheck price and Read more Detail At Hornady

Kestrel 5700 Elite Meter With Applied Ballistics & Link - 5700 Elite With Applied Ballistics & Link, Tan
Kestrel 5700 Elite Meter With Applied Ballistics & Link - 5700 Elite With Applied Ballistics & Link, Tan

Kestrel's 5700 Elite Weather Meter with Applied Ballistics software is an upgrade of Kestrel's path-breaking but now-discontinued 4500 meter optimized specifically for the needs of long-range target shooters. The 5700 Elite measures up to 15 environmental parameters and lets you select either G1 or G7 ballistic coefficients (BC) when calculating bullet trajectory. It fits in the palm of your hand, yet offers the "Litz" (as in, noted ballistician Bryan Litz) measured BC library of over 225 bullets - the most extensive source of measured data for modern small arms bullets. Using its ballistics calibration feature, you can "train" your Kestrel 5700 Elit Mfg: KestrelCheck price and Read more Detail At Kestrel

L.E. Wilson Neck Sizing Bushings - Steel Neck Sizer Die Bushing .290
L.E. Wilson Neck Sizing Bushings - Steel Neck Sizer Die Bushing .290

Bushings are available in increments of .001" from .185" through .199" and .218" through .343". The easiest way to tell the bushing size needed is to measure your loaded rounds at the neck. This caliper or micrometer reading indicates bullet diameter plus twice the thickness of the neck. The bushing diameter must measure less than this, we suggest .002" to .003" smaller. Taking into account the spring-back of the case neck after sizing, this would give you .001" to .002" "grip" on the bullet. View other sizes: .185" to .252" .253" to .302" .303" to .369" Mfg: L.E. Wilson, Inc.Check price and Read more Detail At L.E. Wilson, Inc.

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