Ar Rifle Scope Chevron Reticle

Ar Rifle Scope Chevron Reticle

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Rcbs Trim Pro Shellholder - Trim Pro Shellholder #36
Rcbs Trim Pro Shellholder - Trim Pro Shellholder #36

Trim cases quickly and accurately with the RCBS Trim Pro. The Trim Pro features a spring-loaded lever with shell holders (plates) that lock the cases securely and square to the cutter. The base is die cast metal and includes places for 8 case neck pilots. Length adjustment is easily done with a micrometer style adjustment collar on the cutter shaft. The cutter has hardened cutting blades for a lifetime of use. The trimmer is available in kit form which includes shell holders (2,3, 4, and 10) and pilots (.22, .24, .25, .27, 7mm, .30, .44, and .45 calibers). You can also buy the trimmer separtely without pilots or shellholders. Optional accessories include the power converter, which al Mfg: RcbsCheck price and Read more Detail At Rcbs

M-Pro 7 Gun Oil Lpx - M-Pro 7 Gun Oil Lpx, 4 Oz.
M-Pro 7 Gun Oil Lpx - M-Pro 7 Gun Oil Lpx, 4 Oz.

Next-generation formula provides superior lubrication and corrosion protection for advanced military and law enforcement weapons used in extreme operating environments. Produces a thin, long-lasting protective film that repels dust, dirt, and moisture, including salt water. Combines synthetic oils with LPX additives for an extremely low coefficient-of-friction that outperforms traditional gun oils and lubricates from -85° F to +462° F. Surpasses MIL-L-63640 revision "E". Cleaning additives remove surface carbon fouling for quick field cleaning. Resists evaporation, separation, and gumming-excellent for long-term storage. Mfg: M-Pro 7 SPECS: 2 fl. oz. (59 ml) or 4 fl. oz. (120 ml) squeeze bottle,.Check price and Read more Detail At M-Pro 7

Leupold Standard Rings - 1
Leupold Standard Rings - 1" Low Gloss Standard Rings

Classic steel, holds scope tightly. Fits Leupold STD, one- and two-piece bases, plus bases from Burris, Millett and Redfield. Mfg: Leupold SPECS: Steel 1" (2.5cm), 26mm (1.02") or 30mm (1.18") I.D. Gloss, polished blue. Matte, matte blue. Silver, satin nickel. Height measurements are from top of base to center of ring: 1", 26mm and 30mm: Super Low, .550" (13.9mm). Low, .650" (16.5mm). Medium, .770" (19.55mm). High, .900" (22.Check price and Read more Detail At Leupold

Necg Rifle Spacer - 1/4
Necg Rifle Spacer - 1/4" Spacer Black Rubber

Traditional, black, hard rubber buttstock spacers add length to any rifle or shotgun stock. Grinds beautifully and takes a nice polish without a lot of hard work. Mfg: Necg SPECS: Hard rubber, black. 5" (14.6cm) high, 2" (5cm) wide. Available in 6mm ("), 8mm (5/16"), 12mm (") and 24mm (1") thickness.Check price and Read more Detail At Necg

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